Telemarketing For Local Essex Companies

Essex TelemarketingHelping local companies to grow and develop within their chosen industries is what we do best here at Prospect Research. We offer a range of services which can help with your companies business development including; appointment setting, lead generation, telesales leads and telemarketing. Our expertise in telemarketing make us truly stand out from the rest and this is one of the reasons why we are one of Barbour ABI’s chosen telemarketing partners – ideal if you are in or providing services or products to the constructions industry.

Vast amounts of experience

Not only are we well established within the construction industry when it comes to our telemarketing services, we also have unbeatable expertise within the following sectors: government and public, education and training, financial and legal, and IT and technology. Therefore, no matter what industry your Essex company operates within, we are positive that we will be able to help you!

The personal touch

Telephone Our approach at Prospect Research is simple – we want you to grow, develop and succeed and we want to help you to achieve this by tailoring our services to you and your company needs! We provide you with clear reports, showing exactly what you are receiving from our telemarketing activity. We help you to understand your target market, how your products or services will be received, how they are currently performing, and much more.

Worried about how your company will be perceived? Worried that your target market might realise you are using an outsourced service? Don’t be! Our team of sales and marketing specialists are true professionals and will adapt their communications to your target audience, making sure they represent your company in the same way as your own sales and marketing team do.

Our client testimonials

“Prospect Research were incredibly helpful and proficient in managing a telemarketing campaign that reached out of UK pet shops.  The campaign was carried out very early on in our growth when we couldn’t afford to have a full time sales force, but some of our best customers came through as a result of this campaign.  We received daily feedback on new leads, orders to be shipped and who needed follow up calls or visits.  We would highly recommend Prospect Research to any other organisation that needs to bolster their outward facing team with a confident and efficient partner.”

“When selecting our telemarketing partner, we wanted to work with a local company who understood the particular requirements of the technology sector, but also had the experience of targeting potential customers in our growth sectors including retail, hospitality and government.”

“Prospect Research quickly understood the brief and delivered our target of high quality appointments with companies exporting whom we can help further their exporting business.”

Offices with an open door policy

We feel face to face contact with our clients is paramount to the successful development of our working relationship. This is why we operate an open door policy at our offices near Essex and why we welcome you to come visit us and see how we work.

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