Telesales for Watford Businesses

Paperclips 3At Prospect Research, we can provide you with the sales boost your business needs for continued growth and development! Our experienced telesales team are experts in finding profitable leads.

We work with many Watford based companies, purchasing telesales data on your behalf which will accurately reflect the companies that you want to target in the given sector.

We work hard to identify suitable decision makers, enabling you to make contacts with people that you may not have been previously aware of in the Watford region or elsewhere.

What benefits are there for your Watford business?

Unlike other marketing mediums such as advertising, a successful telesales campaign allows you to have a conversation with the suitable targets for your business. Thus bringing a whole host of benefits for your business:

  • Your message can be tailored to each prospect if necessary
  • We can test whether they respond well to your message and make adjustments very quickly
  • If a sector is not proving fruitful, we can quickly move onto another one, wasting minimal time and budget
  • We can match your benefits to the responses prospects give us during the conversation
  • We can get their feedback whether they have a requirement of not
  • We have a chance to answer any objections

Our experienced and dedicated telesales team will help you receive the best returns from a telesales campaign. For over 10 years, we have generated 1,000s of qualified telesales leads for Watford clients, resulting in £1,000,000s worth of new business for these companies.

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Essential contact to develop business relationships for your Watford company

After each day spent on lead generation, we send you these leads alongside detailed notes from each call that results in a sales lead. We do this so that your sales team are frequently informed and know just as much as we do about your new prospects!

We also ensure that during each phone call, we gain valuable information for your business about each company and market sector.

Testimonials from our East of England telemarketing clients

“After meeting with Chris Walthew, we were confident that the friendly team at Prospect Research will manage an effective and targeted telemarketing campaign for us.”

“Prospect Research consistently arranges a high number of appointments for us with people who are genuinely interested in our services.”

“When selecting our telemarketing partner, we wanted to work with a local company who understood the particular requirements of the technology sector, but also had the experience of targeting potential customers in our growth sectors including retail, hospitality and government.”

How can we help?

To find out more about how our expert telesales services can help you develop your Watford business-

Contact us on 0844 539 9712 or by email.

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