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Active Listening – How does it help?

Why should we practice active listening? Improving your listening skills will have a positive impact on your interactions with colleagues, clients, suppliers and prospects. It will lead to better conversations by building trust between people and help prevent conflict or frustration through miscommunication and misunderstanding. Being a skilled listener will lead to better relationships both …

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Three reasons why telemarketing is not a dirty word

We have all encountered the annoying phone calls and text messages offering to clear our debts, refund PPI or compensate us for accidents that never happened, all of which turn “telemarketing” into a dirty word. However B2B telemarketing is invaluable to many businesses of, all sizes, looking to generate leads, conduct market research and increase …

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What makes a great telemarketer?

1. A great telemarketer has in his or her head before starting the call the main aims of their company and the qualification criteria needed to achieve a great result. a. Who do you wish to speak to? (MD, FD, Facilities Manager etc) b. Can they make decisions or are they an influencer? c. Is …

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Preparation for success in telemarketing

Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between a tidy, organised work space and increased productivity. I find this concept particularly useful when setting up my work space for different telemarketing campaigns.  So here are three helpful tips to consider when preparing to make phone calls that will stimulate your brains and ensure …

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Get ahead by building relationships with local employers before the Apprenticeship Levy

With the introduction to the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017, Apprenticeship providers are now looking at how they can forge new, and strengthen existing relationships with Employers, to put themselves in the best position as their go-to training provider.  We often hear tales of training providers being side-lined, purely because Employers didn’t know they offered …

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Five telemarketing pitfalls to avoid

Not all telemarketing calls are received favourably mostly because prospects are busy, they don’t want a sales pitch and they receive many unwelcome, unsolicited calls. So, it is important for us to get the prospect on our side as quickly as possible. With this in mind, here are five telemarketing pitfalls to avoid. So don’t… …

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Vocal gymnastics for telemarketers

We all have days where we get tongue tired and simply cannot get the words out but if you are a telemarketer your vocal performance can enhance your chances of getting positive results. We present ourselves through the way that we speak so it makes sense to me that all telemarketers learn to treat their …

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