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We at Prospect Research have a vast amount of experience working for clients in many different sectors, and we have successfully completed business development, telemarketing, data cleansing and market research campaigns for them.

Since launching our company in 2004, we have worked with over 500 corporate clients ranging from small to medium enterprises to organisations in the public sector. We have targeted almost every sector imaginable and found 1,000’s of sales opportunities for our clients.

Our clients typically share a number of characteristics:

  • They offer high value solutions
  • They employ consultants who require well qualified sales leads
  • Their solutions are often tailored to specific sectors allowing our campaigns to be very specific

Typically businesses use our corporate services as an outsourced resource when they lack either the expertise or time to manage them in-house. Luckily, we can provide a wide range of services from market research and telemarketing, to appointment setting and lead generation.

When it comes to our telemarketing services, our team manage the whole process from initially buying the data and developing the databases to arranging appointments and maintaining your sales pipeline.

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