Business Development, Telesales & Telemarketing For The Construction & Facilities Management Sector

11510929_sAt Prospect Research we understand that sales opportunities within the construction and facilities management sectors are time dependent. Therefore, we work hard to identify when it is best to contact your potential prospects, keeping your sales pipeline active and ultimately supporting your business development.

How do we do this? Through our construction and facilities management telemarketing, we engage with the main decision makers in each company, confirming with them when new work is taking place and when supplier contracts will be reviewed or are up for renewal. This allows us to provide you with valuable construction leads and targeted telesales services.

The key to giving you the best construction business development service is to understand your product and/or service, the industries that you are trying to sell to, and essentially what a lead means to you. By understanding all of this, we are able to represent your company in a credible way helping you to achieve the sales leads you need in order to grow and succeed.

We use a variety of sources as part of our construction telemarketing and telesales including the purchase of targeted data lists, and the follow up of leads from construction contract alerts sites such as Barbour ABI.

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In fact, we are one of Barbour ABI’s preferred telemarketing partners. Read more about ourBarbour ABI sales lead generation service..

A proven track record in the facilities and construction sector

We have provided business development services through lead generation, telemarketing and telesales campaigns to a wide range of clients in the facilities and construction industries. We have been able to target almost every sector, finding sales opportunities for our clients in many of the UK’s most prestigious companies, public sector organisations and building contractors. We also have experience in following up tender notices as well as completing market research surveys.

Our facilities and construction telemarketing expertise have been used by:

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