Lead Generation, Business Development, Telemarketing & Market Research Services For The Education and Skills Sector

At Prospect Research we have created a niche in the Education and Skills sector, providing FE Colleges, HE Colleges, Universities, Councils and Government-Funded Organisations, and Private Training Providers with business development, telemarketing, appointment setting, and lead generation. We work with the employer engagement and marketing teams within these organisations, helping them to achieve their business development objectives.

Through our education telemarketing and lead generation services, we can communicate with your target markets effectively, understanding their needs and whether your products/services can help to be the solution to their problems. We can then let you know of potential new prospects whom you can target through your marketing campaigns, as well as booking appointments directly into your diaries through our appointment setting service.

As well as business development, telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting, we can provide you with a vast range of education market research services including; the creation of employer surveys, learner surveys, destination surveys and feasibility studies for new courses. We can help you to develop your questions, provide you with qualitative and quantitative research, as well as offering you feedback analysis.

The key to successful employer engagement in the Education and Skills sector

By working with us at Prospect Research, you will benefit from a team that has a huge amount of experience working with other educational institutions and training providers. We understand the approach needed to talk with employers about their learning and development needs, and we can tailor our communication to each individual organisation where necessary.

All of our team members have come from sales, telemarketing or market research backgrounds, and they understand the business needs of our clients. They have the skills to uncover real learning and development opportunities, helping you to understand where your products/services fit within the target market.

We pride ourselves on having a team that can remain professional during conversations with all levels of personnel within a company. We constantly work to develop the skills of our team through tailored development programmes, helping us to give the best service to our clients and get the best results for them.

They key to your success? Our hard working, enthusiastic and professional team!

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