Connecting FE Colleges with employers

Plant and BookProspect Research works with a range of FE Colleges, supporting their employer engagement campaigns.  We can provide you with a consistent, results driven and structured way of engaging employers in your region, to promote Apprenticeships, Higher apprenticeships, traineeships, vocational NVQs and other training programmes.

We pride ourselves in our ability to find opportunities for FE Colleges based on a real need from employers to fill skills gaps and develop their existing teams.  We can also supply valuable market insight reports from information gathered during our calls.

Our experience promoting Apprenticeships, NVQs and other training programmes has given us in-depth knowledge of what colleges are looking for when engaging with employers, and likewise, what employers are looking for from their local College.

How we help FE Colleges…

  • Arranging meetings with training consultants to discuss training opportunities with local employers
  • Running targeted telemarketing and lead generation campaigns to raise the awareness of Apprenticeships, NVQs and other training programmes
  • Conducting employer and student surveys
  • Managing market research projects to support the launch of new initiatives or explore training needs in your region
  • Enhancing marketing databases through data cleansing by making sure it is up to date with key decision maker names and contact details
  • Handling phone, web and live chat enquiries to ensure an enquiry is never missed
  • Arranging work placements with employers

Apprenticeship Frameworks

We have experience in promoting various Apprenticeship frameworks, from Business Administration to Beauty, to Textiles to Travel and Tourism.  We work to criteria set by our clients to ensure that all of the appointments that we book for you represent the best sales opportunity for you.

Higher Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Many of our clients are talking to us about promoting Higher Apprenticeships and Traineeships. The question is, will the companies you want to work with be aware that these schemes are in place and that you offer them?

Every month, we speak to hundreds of companies on behalf of our FE College clients. We have found that while most companies are enthusiastic about engaging with their local FE College, had it not been for our call, they would not have known about the services available to them, even when they are for established schemes such as Apprenticeships.

There is a fantastic opportunity right now for your College to be one of the first providers to engage with as employer about Higher Apprenticeships and Traineeships by outsourcing your telephone-based employer engagement campaigns to Prospect Research.

Planning your campaign to achieve the best returns

Looking back over the employer engagement campaigns we have run, the Colleges that have achieved the best returns have taken a planned, strategic approach to employer engagement and commissioned us to provide activity throughout the year.

This has meant that the Skills Advisers that we are booking appointments for are meeting with a regular and manageable number of employers every month, allowing them to make steady progress towards hitting their sales targets.

Working with Colleges on an on-going basis also means that we are able to become an extension of their marketing and employer engagement department through regular contact, visiting them at their campus and their team visiting our offices.

The key to successful employer engagement for FE Colleges

The key to our success in running employer engagement campaigns for FE Colleges is the strength of our team.

By working with Prospect Research, you will benefit from a team that works with other educational institutions, and therefore knows the approach needed for talking to employers about their learning and development needs.

All of our team comes from sales, telemarketing or market research backgrounds.  We pride ourselves in having a team that can have professional business conversations with all levels of personnel within a company, who understand the business needs of our clients and have skills to uncover real opportunities.

The average time that our team have been with Prospect Research is two years, with many being with us for over four years.  This low staff turnover means that we can offer tailored development programmes to our team so they can develop professionally and personally, and give the best to our clients.

Missed opportunities from apprenticeship and course enquiries 

Do you have a frustrating pot of employers who have made an apprenticeship or course enquiry, that still haven’t given you a yes or no answer? Are you following up meetings attended to get the maximum return on your marketing effort?

Click here to find out more about how we can help follow up apprenticeship and course enquiries with a dedicated telemarketing campaign.

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