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training providersProspect Research helps training and skills providers to develop their relationships with employers around the UK.  Our structured and transparent way of working ensures that using Prospect Research for your outsourced lead generation and telemarketing is a hassle-free process that can merge with and enhance your own internal marketing methods.

Our team has a broad understanding of the benefits of staff development and is experienced in talking through both soft and hard skills with key decision makers.

Soft skills training

The Education and Skills Team at Prospect Research understands the complex area of soft skills and why such skills are key to the success of any business. We are adept at talking through the benefits of succession planning and the pressures and challenges faced by managers and aspiring managers. We appreciate that we need to show empathy with the prospect and initially find out more how they currently perceive soft skills.

We understand that in many cases, a company will align the development of key staff with their business goals. This means that we need to be prepared to support our approach with testimonials and anecdotal evidence to ensure we stand out from other providers.

This approach enables us to engage decision makers in discussion, qualify their requirements and interest, and generate well qualified appointments and leads for clients.

Vocational training

We have worked on many campaigns which have required us to talk through the technical elements of vocational courses. This has proved very successful in capturing the attention of prospects, who have previously been on the receiving end of the more “generic” type of call to promote training. In turn this approach has generated well qualified appointments and leads for our clients.

Publicly-funded schemes

Our experience includes:

  • Arranging appointments with employers who are interested in taking on an Apprentice or up skilling their existing team through a range of vocational NVQs.  Clients include FE Colleges and various private training companies
  • Raising the awareness of newer initiatives such as Higher Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Contacting employers to create work opportunities for 18-24 year olds claiming JSA

Through our targeted lead generation campaigns, our results complement other marketing campaigns already in place.  We work closely with our Clients to ensure their targets are supported by our work.

Planning your campaign to achieve the best returns

Looking back over the employer engagement campaigns we have run, the clients that have achieved the best returns have taken a planned, strategic approach and commissioned us to provide activity throughout the year.

This has meant their skills advisers are meeting with a regular and manageable number of employers every month, allowing them to make steady progress towards hitting their targets.

Working with clients on an ongoing basis also means we are able to become an extension of their marketing and employer engagement department through regular contact, visiting them at their offices and their team visiting our offices.

The key to successful employer engagement in the education sector

The key to our success in running employer engagement campaigns for the education sector is the strength of our team.

By working with Prospect Research, you will benefit from a team that works with other educational institutions, and therefore knows the approach needed for talking to employers about their learning and development needs.

All of our team comes from sales, telemarketing or market research backgrounds.  We pride ourselves in having a team that can have professional business conversations with all levels of personnel within a company, who understand the business needs of our clients and have skills to uncover real opportunities.

The average time that our team have been with Prospect Research is two years, with many being with us for over four years.  This low staff turnover means that we can offer tailored development programmes to our team so they can develop professionally and personally, and give the best to our clients.

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