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At Prospect Research we have worked with a range of universities and HE institutions supporting their employer engagement campaigns and business development goals. This allows us to provide you with a consistent, results driven and structured way of engaging with employers in your region, promoting your services. We can also help universities through our business development, lead generation and market research services.

We understand that all our university clients have very different priorities and development objectives. Our flexible approach allows us to offer a bespoke employer engagement service to everyone we work with. We pride ourselves on our ability to find opportunities for universities based on the real needs from employers, whilst arranging appointments for your team to meet with those businesses who are keen to build a relationship with you.

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Through our university lead generation and business development services, we can help you to promote your work based learning programmes and other initiatives to the specific companies within your target markets. We can run targeted telemarketing campaigns helping you to understand who your target markets are, gaining the information needed to sell your products/services, as well as gaining appointments for you training consultants to visit and discuss the training requirements.

Through our lead generation services, we have previously arranged meetings for our university clients with many of the UK’s largest companies. Our successful telemarketing and lead generation campaigns have also included the promotion of:

As well as: organising Graduate Internships with UK employers, arranging work placements and phone campaigns prior to application deadlines to promote university courses, inviting delegates to events, data sourcing and developing your database of contacts, and handling phone, web and live chat enquiries to ensure an enquiry is never missed.

Website Icon 5University Market Research

We have worked with many universities helping them to develop and deliver new courses. Our work has included:


  • Creating an appropriate research plan
  • Conducting qualitative, quantitative, and desk research
  • Providing analysis and reporting
  • Exploring employer perceptions of the University
  • Researching the training priorities of employers
  • Creating learner surveys to help you develop and refine the delivery and content of your course
  • Creating employer surveys to help you develop your offerings to business, and cultivate valuable relationships with existing contacts

All of this enables us to help you in your objectives, providing you with a full market research service.

Website Icon 6A holistic approach

By using our services here at Prospect Research, you benefit from our holistic approach to employer engagement campaigns. This has been developed over many years from the feedback of other university clients and allows us to help you to:

  • Develop the pipeline of call backs – we maintain relationships with potential prospects on an ongoing basis, ensuring that any live opportunities are handed to you
  • Gain market insights – we provide you with feedback as to how your potential prospects responded to your services
  • Build a powerful marketing database – we obtain the information need for ongoing direct marketing i.e. names, addresses and email addresses
  • Integrate with other marketing channels

Website Icon 9Planning your campaign to achieve the best returns

When thinking about your employer engagement campaign, we would recommend that you work with us on an ongoing basis. Previous university clients who have taken this strategic approach and who have commissioned us to provide activity throughout the year, have seen the best results.

Why? This method allows us to become an extension of your Employer Engagement department. Through regular contact with your target market, we can arrange a manageable number of meetings with employers each month, allowing your team to make steady progress towards hitting their targets.

Website Icon 17The key to successful employer engagement

The key to your success is our professional and experienced team! We have worked with many educational institutions and we understand how to approach employers when it comes to understanding their needs. All of our team members are from telemarketing, market research or sales backgrounds, meaning that they understand the importance of remaining professional when communicating with your target markets. Not only this, they understand the needs of our university clients and they have the skills to uncover the ideal opportunities for you.

Missed opportunities from applications and course enquiries

Do you have applications and enquiries from prospects that haven’t yet signed up to a course? We can help you through our dedicated telemarketing campaigns. Click here to find out more.

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To find out more about how our university business development, lead generation and market research can help you…

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