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Have a new innovative solution to your prospective client’s problems? Launching a new product or service? Looking to launch your existing products/services into a new market? Need to learn more about how your prospective target markets will respond?

If so, we at Prospect Research can help! We have a long track record working with innovative companies helping them develop their business and better understand their target markets. Based in Cambridge, we are immersed in the city’s innovation culture and many of our clients, both in Cambridge and further afield, are innovators in their field.

Raising the awareness of your solution

Compared to other forms of marketing, lead generation and telemarketing work particularly well for innovative companies looking to achieve their business development goals. If they are not actively searching for a solution, busy decision makers are unlikely to take notice of adverts, emails and letters. It takes a lead generation call from a professional telemarketer to alert them to the fact that you can offer this solution.

This is where we can help. Without our expert telemarketing and lead generation campaigns, these decision makers would not know about your new product/services available to them and the sales opportunities available to you would not be found.

Lead generation also provides the opportunity to gain feedback from your target markets about your solution – think of it as a little bit of helpful market research. We take a flexible approach allowing us to take this feedback and make suggestions to you about how to adapt your marketing message, your new business and/or your new product/service. If necessary, we can also advise you on the types of companies you are targeting.

Launching a new product or service

Before you press the green light, we can test a range of crucial factors around how your target market will respond to your offering, such as features and benefits, helping you with the development of your new product or business.

Our market research studies have helped clients ensure their new business and product launches are as successful as possible, generating extra sales and saving unnecessary expenditure. If this sounds like something which may be of interest to you, find out more about our Market Research services.

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