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At Prospect Research we have over 10 years’ of experience in providing lead generation, telemarketing, business development, appointment setting and telesales services to the IT and Technology sector. We have a vast amount of knowledge and a specialist team who understand the different IT solutions and why businesses may be interested in them.

A proven track record in the IT and technology sector

Since our launch in 2004, we have worked with over 250 clients ranging from blue chip to SMEs and organisations in the public sector. We have targeted almost every conceivable sector and found sales opportunities for our clients within many of the UK’s most prestigious companies.

However, working with the IT sector has always been at the forefront of our client work as our Managing Director is from an IT sales background. Not only has this, James Lepper who now heads up our work in the IT sector also comes from an IT sales background.

We have worked with over 100 IT clients who typically share a number of characteristics:

  • They offer high value solutions
  • They employ senior sales consultants who require well qualified sales opportunities
  • Their solutions are often tailored to specific sectors allowing our lead generation campaigns to be very targeted

Our experience spans a wealth of IT solutions including:

  • Sector-specific software (eg. developed for the finance, transport, manufacturing and retail sectors)
  • Process-specific software (eg. ERP, document management and electronic data interchange)
  • Microsoft, SAGE and Pegasus partners
  • On-line and cloud solutions
  • Hardware

Services we provide to IT and technology clients

Our main services to the IT and technology sector are telemarketing, appointment setting, lead generation, pipeline management, data cleansing, webinar invitations and customer insight surveys. We can also provide you with business development and telesales services too!

Building relationships

Our approach is based on building relationships helping you to achieve your business development goals. Central to this is starting profitable relationships between you and your prospect base either through our telemarketing, lead generation or telesales services.

All of our team members at Prospect Research are experienced sales professionals with a wealth of experience in IT and business, enabling them to engage with senior decision makers about complex solutions. They can also recognise the importance of well qualified opportunities.

Sales Pipeline management

With the busy workload of your sales team, it can be easy for potential clients to slip through the net. We work with you to ensure these opportunities are never missed and instead, are carefully nurtured to the point where prospects are ready to start a direct dialogue with your sales team. This includes managing call backs arranged from our lead generation campaigns and reengaging with dormant prospects.

As opportunities move through the sales pipeline, we add new opportunities to ensure you have a constant stream of well qualified leads to develop your business.

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