Sub-contracting and partnering to help you win business

PartneringWe have often collaborated with other companies who do not provide lead generation, telemarketing or market research themselves, but they are managing client work where this is a need for these services.

Sometimes these services have been requested as part of a tender that our partners are bidding for. Or, less formally, a client has requested these services or our partners spots an opportunity to use them to enhance the work they are doing.

We have worked either as a partner and a sub-contractor.

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We are interested in partnering with more companies. Please contact Chris Walthew our Managing Director on 0844 539 9712 or by email to discuss opportunities in this area.

Who we partner with

We have partnered with a range of companies including:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Data and Business information providers
  • Membership Associations

Marketing agencies

By using Prospect Research’s ‘white label’ business development service, you can increase your agency’s offering by including b2b lead generation and market research under your company banner, as part of your integrated PR and marketing service.

We provide Lead Generation support to agencies to reinforce press campaigns, mailings and events that they manage on behalf of clients.  We either work with contact data you already hold, or we can develop targeted, CTPS-checked marketing databases for you.

We have also provided Market Research support to agencies when their clients are looking to launch a new product or services, expand into a new market or gain customer feedback.

Our services include:

Data and business information providers

Data providers can have an issue when their clients are not being proactive with the business information they are receiving as part their subscription. Clients will not receive any returns from even the best data if they do nothing with it. The inevitable result is that data providers lose business when their clients do not renew.

If you are a data provider, Prospect Research can provide your clients with a Proactive Lead Generation service to ensure the data they access from you is dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. This helps your clients see a much better return on investment from your service to ensure they continue to renew their subscription with you year on year.

Membership organisations

Our business development service is perfect for organisations that want to support their members by offering them a structured marketing programme.

By providing appointment setting or lead generation for your members, we can offer competitive rates, as well as a consistent sales resource.

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We are one of Barbour ABI’s preferred telemarketing partners. Read more about our Barbour ABI lead generation service.

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