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Since 2004, Prospect Research has helped 100s of companies win new business by managing targeted telemarketing, business development, lead generation, appointment setting and market research campaigns.

Read what some of these clients have said about us.

“Using Prospect Research to conduct the telemarketing for our campaigns has ensured that our sales team are free to attend meetings.”

“We were delighted by the work done by Prospect Research. Using an outsourced telemarketing company to follow-up our e-shot, we were able to increase our return from the campaign significantly.”

We initially commissioned the telemarketing services of Prospect for a one-off event. It then became apparent that our database required wholesale cleansing,  a job that was simply too big for us to take on. Being able to outsource this vital but time-consuming work to Prospect has added huge value to our business engagement activities and enabled us to concentrate on other core projects knowing it was in safe hands. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, especially Connor Dunn who went the ‘extra mile’ on countless occasions to meet all our requirements. We highly recommend them.

“A thoroughly professional service which has yielded impressive results.”

“What we like about working with Prospect Research is that they really listen to our requirements, ask good questions and offer sound advice. They used our needs as the basis for their proposal, rather than offering us something ‘off-the-shelf’. The campaign provided us with lots of useful data, which we have used to support our project in many different ways.”

“We’re really impressed with Prospect Research’s clear reporting systems.  They send through concise notes on each appointment, as well as a monthly report tallying all results.   Their support to our Training Consultants is invaluable.”

“Great to work with from the initial brief to the qualification of leads and conversion analysis.”

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“Prospect Research are an experienced sales resource with the ability to achieve results.”

“Prospect Research has continued to give a great service to our sales team.  The team have always been approachable, and very flexible in their approach.  I’ve appreciated the regular communication and face to face reviews, which have ensured that the telemarketing campaigns have really worked for us.”

“In the last two months, we have won £50,000 of business from Prospect Research’s work, and are expecting the same in the next two months.”

“We are thrilled by this development.  These kind of wins are what will help to create a big SKS.”

“We’ve worked with Prospect Research for one year now and during that time they have delivered a significant number of leads, worked closely with us and integrated well into our sales processes. They also made the effort to get to know us and really understand our business and customers’ challenges so that they can, working in our name, have meaningful conversations with prospects – delivering a strong first impression to prospects and a good conversion rate.”

“Prospect Research have been a pleasure to work with, and very flexible in their approach.  Their grasp of our product, and why companies would be interested in the apps, is evident from the great opportunities that they have found for us.”

“I have been very impressed by Prospect Research’s ability to acquire often difficult to find information and by the detail, accuracy and ease of use of the completed database they delivered.”

“Prospect Research has always delivered a first class service. They are thorough, professional and persistent – all qualities that go to make an excellent telemarketing service.”

“All the appointments arranged by Prospect Research are well qualified and backed up by detailed and precise paperwork.  These new business opportunities, provided by an outsourced business development agency, are perfect for our firm, as we no longer have to generate sales leads solely by using internal resources.”

“Prospect Research consistently arranges a high number of appointments for us with people who are genuinely interested in our services.”

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