Prospect Research Is A UK Business Development Company Based In Cambridge

At Prospect Research we provide targeted business development services to our clients through lead generation, telemarketing and appointment setting campaigns. We help all different types of businesses in a wide variety of industries whether they are operating in the UK or looking to target the UK market.

From our offices in Cambridge, we start to build the relationships that you need to develop your business. From contacting your potential prospects about your products and/or services to setting up appointments, we help you to achieve an effective sales and business development process. So not matter what you company is looking for, we guarantee that we will have the business development service you need to succeed!


Website Icon 19Through our telemarketing services we help you to engage with the right decision makers in each company contacted within your chosen industries. We work carefully alongside your sales and marketing teams enabling us to get you the results you need to achieve your sales targets – think of us as an extension to your sales team!

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Appointment Setting

If you want to get the most out of your sales team, our Cambridge based appointment setting service is ideal for you. By arranging your sales teams’ appointments for them, their valuable time is not wasted. Keeping them on the road selling your products and/or services, and keeping your company on the road to success!

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Lead Generation

Website Icon 2Our tailored lead generation service allows you to achieve the leads that will make a real difference. From contacting potential new prospects to reactivating relationships with past customers, we will have everything you need for a successful lead generation campaign.

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Sales Pipeline Management

Through our Cambridge based sales pipeline management services we make sure that you never miss a sales opportunity. Our effective labelling systems and real time overviews allow you to keep a close eye on those potential sales, fulfilling the requirements as and when. We nurture your prospects making sure they achieve their full potential, ultimately helping with your business development goals.

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Handling Inbound Phone and Web Enquiries

Website Icon 11First impressions are extremely important and with our dedicated sales enquiry handling services, you can feel reassured that your enquiries are being followed up by a team of sales and marketing professional who can represent your company in a credible manner. From start to end, our Cambridge team will help you to gain more information about the enquiries, and if appropriate, turn them into qualified opportunities whilst booking the appointments to gain you the sales needed.

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Live chat

Need something a little more instantaneous in order to achieve the sale? We can provide your company with a committed live chat service. Becoming increasingly popular, it is important to have someone available to respond to live chat enquiries during office hours. Something which our Cambridge team can certainly help you with.

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Event marketing

Website Icon 20Whether you need help inviting existing or potential prospects to an event or a telemarketing service to follow up the invitation or event itself, our team at Prospect Research can help you. No matter what you requirements are, when it comes to helping with your event marketing we really are the experts!

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Data cleansing

It is important when using business development strategies such as telemarketing, lead generation and/or appointment setting, to keep your data up to date. You don’t want to be contacting a potential prospect and find that they have moved offices or worse yet, the person has left. Save yourself an inefficient marketing campaign and let us at Prospect Research keep your information up to date for you.

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