Appointment Setting – Keeping Your Sales Force On The Road

Appointment Setting
If you want to get the most out of your sales team and keep them on the road selling your products and/or services, outsourcing your appointment setting to us at Prospect Research is what you need to do!

Why use Prospect Research?

Our team at Prospect Research has been arranging sales appointments for companies in the private and public sector since 2004. Our experienced team focuses on generating appointments with the companies that represent the best opportunities for you, following the criteria agreed with you.

We can provide you with a fully-managed appointment setting service including telemarketing. Through our efficient and tailored service, we are able to book sales appointments straight into your sales team’s diaries, keeping them up to date with the latest sales opportunities.

How can Appointment Setting help your company?

If you have a sales team and would like them to concentrate on meeting prospects and closing sales rather than generating opportunities, you need to outsource your appointment setting to a reliable company, like us at Prospect Research.

Our team spends 7 hours a day calling and generating opportunities, passing these to your sales team as and when they come through or sending the full list of results each day by email. Ensuring your sales team remains as efficient as possible whilst guaranteeing a focused and dedicated service.

We work with companies and sales teams of all shapes and sizes, from small one person teams to larger teams where each person has their own regions.

Our experience

Our sector expertise includes:

We have a vast amount of experience working with companies who have a whole host of requirements, from split sales teams in a range of regions with different expertise, to customers in various counties with differing needs. This is why we will tailor our service to you, making sure you get exactly what you need from us!

Managing your Appointment Setting

Before we start we will ask to have a briefing meeting with you so we can fully understand the deliverables you need from our services. From this we will develop an understanding of your criteria for a good sales opportunity, what information you need us to gather, and the results you need from us to best support your sales team.

We will also work with you to identify the best target markets to include in your campaign, and source new data for you if needed. We can supply details about your sales pipeline management at any time, as well as regular reports about our work and results.

Your Dedicated Team

At the beginning of your campaign we will allocate you an Account Manager to oversee the work, and to be in touch regularly with reports, feedback about our work, and ideas for future campaigns.

All of our team members are based in our offices in Cambridge. Come and meet the team at Prospect Research.

Giving you the best service

Our approach is completely transparent; you will receive detailed call notes and a recording of each sales appointment arranged. Thus your sales team will know and understand why we feel the contact is a great prospect and the reason why we have arrange the sales appointment for them.

We will also use our initiative during calls to gain valuable information about each company and market sector, allowing you to remain on top of any new developments within the industry.

Outsourcing your B2B Appointment Setting

If you are thinking about outsourcing to an appointment setting company, it’s important to consider some key factors when looking for a supplier. Read our 10 Step Guide to Outsourcing your Telemarketing to get ideas of the questions to ask and what to look out for.

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