B2B Lead Generation – Finding Opportunities For You

25946965_lAt Prospect Research we have over 10 years’ of experience in managing successful B2B Lead Generation campaigns for clients in the UK and further afield. Through our industry wide experience we help you build an effective strategy, getting you the sales leads that you need!

Whether you want to contact new prospects or re-instigate business with past customers, we can provide you with a clear and targeted B2B Lead Generation service.


Why use Prospect Research?

Website Icon 16For over 10 years we have developed clear and effective lead generation methods, eliminating any concerns which our clients may have had. So if you are worried about how an outsourced company will be able to understand your business and generate sales leads for you, don’t be!

We have:

  • Proven methodologies dedicated to our individual client’s needs.
  • A transparent approach – regularly reporting and meeting with our clients.
  • A high calibre team who can understand the needs of your campaign, communicating this effectively to your prospects.
  • A professional and non-pushy approach. After all our business is about developing business relationships.
  • A team that works as an extension of your own, gaining leads that will make a real difference.

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How can our B2B Lead Generation help you?

Website Icon 17By starting a conversation with the key decision makers, we are able to find out whether they are ideal to pursue as a potential prospect. We adapt our pitch according to the individual, making sure we fully understand them and how your products or services can help with their needs. We deliver you the hot leads you need in order to succeed!

You can also use our Lead Generation services to book phone appointments or web demos, supporting your sales process before you meet with your potential prospect.

Making your sales pipeline even richer!

Website Icon 22Our approach to B2B Lead Generation is done by carefully profiling companies. This enables us to manage your sales leads effectively, classifying every contact, helping to make your sales pipeline richer with companies that are more likely to convert.

For example if you are a manufacturer supplying to the construction industry, wouldn’t you prefer for your sales team to be contacting companies that have building projects that need your products or services? We can identify these companies for you through our first class Lead Generation.

What is a lead to you?

Website Icon 24We understand that every company has a different definition of what a lead is. For some it is a company who would like to find out more through a follow-up call or web demo. For another it might be a company that fits a certain profile which e-shots can be sent to. This is why we tailor our services to you, making sure you get the leads that will get you sales.

If face to face appointments are what you’re after, read how our Appointment Setting service can help you!

Keep those sales leads coming!

Website Icon 4By conducting ongoing Lead Generation we keep your sales pipeline regularly updated with information, helping your sales team to hit their sales targets. Not only this, a consistent flow of leads helps your sales team to use their time more efficiently.

Increase your return from direct and digital marketing

Website Icon 17Not only do our B2B Lead Generation services help your sales pipeline, they also help to segment your marketing. You can use the information gathered to group your prospects and send more personalised marketing messages, making your direct and digital marketing even more effective.

Outsourcing your B2B Lead Generation

Website Icon 2If you are thinking about outsourcing to us or anyone else, it’s important to consider some key factors when looking for a supplier. Read our 10 Step Guide to Outsourcing your Telemarketing to get ideas of the questions to ask and what to look out for.

Still have more questions?

Website Icon 9Read our Lead Generation FAQs or call us on 0844 539 9712 to discuss your options, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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