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Website Icon 19At Prospect Research we manage targeted telemarketing campaigns, helping you to engage with the right decision makers in your chosen industries in an effective and efficient manner. We work closely with our clients’ sales and marketing departments to ensure that our results are exactly what they need, helping to support their own sales targets.

Our services can help you to:

  • achieve your sales targets
  • increase the efficiency of your sales team
  • increase the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaigns
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • gather important information about your target markets

Why use Prospect Research?

Website Icon 16For over 10 years we have worked on creating effective telemarketing campaigns for our clients. We are constantly looking at our processes and systems, giving you the best possible customer experience. From the beginning to the end, we’ll make sure that our service meets your objectives.

We have:

  • A proven methodology that is flexible enough to be tailored to our clients’ needs.
  • A proactive approach to working with our clients including regular reports, communication and ideas about campaigns.
  • An experienced team of telemarketers who will act as credible ambassadors for your company.
  • A team that takes a professional approach to telemarketing calls, building business relationships and nurturing prospects whilst still achieving results.
  • An open-door policy so you can come and meet and listen to your team at any time. Recordings of calls that lead to sales leads or appointments are also available to our clients.

 To read more on our approach please click here.

Our Experience

Website Icon 20We have a wide range of experience working in different sectors and industries. Through our close communication and clear reporting, we provide a proactive telemarketing resource to companies in the UK, helping them to develop and grow their business.

Our sector expertise includes:

How can an ongoing campaign help you?

Website Icon 14As well as providing you with sales leads or appointments, your telemarketing team is continuously making your sales pipeline richer by identifying decision makers, inputting contact information and gathering important industry intelligence. All of this goes towards making your campaign more successful and contributes to your list of future prospects.

By conducting telemarketing on an ongoing basis, we can keep an eye on prospects that need to be contacted at a later date. Without a doubt, the clients that have seen the most profitable return from our work have been those that use our services on an ongoing basis.

Providing you with a transparent and measurable service

Website Icon 5We pride ourselves on providing a transparent service to our clients. You can see your database at any time, and through our regular reports you can see what your dedicated team have achieved for you. We also welcome clients into our office to meet their team and to listen live. Hearing both sides of the conversation, you can give us your feedback about our approach, helping our team too.

Outsourcing your B2B telemarketing

Website Icon 2If you are thinking about outsourcing to us or anyone else, it’s important to consider some key factors when looking for a supplier. Download our 10 step guide to outsourcing your telemarketing to get ideas of the questions to ask and what to look out for.

Telemarketing is not the only way we can help to grow and develop your business. Why not find out more about our other Business Development Services…

We have also created a video with our 5 top tips for success which can be viewed below.

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