Should you be using telemarketing?

In the current economic climate, companies are of course still looking for new business, but often with reduced marketing budgets, so it’s important to make sure your marketing is as targeted and efficient as possible. So, is telemarketing an option you should be looking at? Even if you engage the best telemarketing company in the …

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Integrated Lead Generation

Maximising your digital marketing opportunities As digital marketing becomes a bigger and bigger part of a B2B marketer’s life, it is even more important to look at how integrated lead generation can benefit your company, rather than thinking about each marketing method separately. Imagine a big golden pot. This is your prospect pot, and you …

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New business from old contacts

Customer relationships vary enormously from business to business.  Some customers might see you as an extension of their business; others will treat your service as a transactional affair and barely remember you the day after they worked with you. If you have over 500 customers/past customers but you don’t have an extensive account management or …

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