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More hands make for High Value Clients

Attracting High Value Clients.

Posted on: 4 July 2022

Organisations come to us because they want more clients, more specifically new high value clients. Often one-off transactions are not the objective. Long term client relationships that have repeated transactional opportunities are the target.

Most organisations do business with a wide range of clients, from One hit wonders to businesses that have a regular order or multiple projects. How do you know which ones are high value clients? Qualifying an opportunity is essential but first you must uncover an opportunity.

Targeting the Marketing activity to the clientele you want to attract increases the effectiveness of the campaign. Each method works across multiple sectors and levels of client. However by using the right campaign at well targeted data with the right specific messages you can substantially improve the yield and value of those leads.

All organisations owe it to themselves to carry out some marketing activity. You want potential clients to be able to find you. So, it is only sensible to be active on all the channels where their business can intersect with yours.

This includes keeping your web site up to date, SEO, pay per click and regular posts on the social media that your clients tend to consume. These are great ways to allow them to find you. These non-specific approaches allow all manner of clients to find you. They are not necessarily the ideal client, but all clients (nearly all) are important.

Marketing activities that get potential clients to contact you tell you a number of things; is your overall messaging right? Are you attracting potential clients or are you attracting enquiries that will never do business with you, because they want something different to what you provide?  Can you adjust the messaging to attract the ones you do want to do business with? If you can, then you are in the best possible position, as you now know the approach to use when you move to a proactive targeted marketing campaign.

Most organisations can attract about 50-75% of the new clients they want to onboard through more passive methods. After that they rely on their Sales team to find clients that they want to do business with. The trouble is most salespeople never seem to set up as many meetings with brand new potential new clients as the Managing Director would like. They tend to rely on referrals or speaking with old contacts that have moved to a new company as these are warm leads. This is where the organisation then must carry out some proactive Marketing to generate new leads from cold sources.

Marketing should target outbound leads that match the profile of the clients you want to gain. These targeted campaigns are the most expensive leads the organisation will acquire. The primary difference between outbound leads and inbound leads is that inbound leads have already made a decision to buy. Outbound leads are often still making enquiries, or something has to happen before they will move ahead with this particular project. Consequently, these leads need to be well qualified. However early engagement with high value clients can leave your competitors out in the cold.

What are the options?Why is Appointment Setting important for your Business

Telemarketing, ideal for large sales teams that want a steady stream of moderately well qualified results. Provides a mix of potential clients as moderately well qualified leads. The sales intelligence gathered on the call allows your sales team to contact a potential new clients at the appropriate time long after the campaign has been completed. or

Email Marketing is moderately well targeted but mostly appeals to those that are at the perfect point in the sales cycle so good for a few results. Campaigns have low long-term yield and are often only effective for a month or so. Qualification is fairly low, so works well with a dedicated sales team – but not as useful for a team that is already moderately busy.

Appointment Setting campaigns that target high value clients can yield very good results. The results are highly qualified. Diarised appointments maximise your Sales team’s efficiency. Ideal for companies with sales teams that want a sales support function. Qualification criteria can be established to identify high value clients.  Sales intelligence gathered during the call creates a sales funnel of leads that can be nurtured post campaign. A highly targeted method that yields the highest percentage of high value clients wanting to start the business relationship now.

Social Media is essential for companies which sell direct to the public. They should use social media channels to inform and attract customers to their website. Companies focused on B2B sales find Social Media marketing less effective. On the face of it this is a cheap way of marketing On the face of it this is a cheap way of marketing and LinkedIn activity helps to spread the company and product name. However Social Media can need a large amount of time devoting to it and for B2B there can be more effective approaches. Especially if you want to target high value clients.

Events can be tremendous way to develop new sales. An event deserves a good speaker. It needs to be interesting and relevant to those businesses attending. A great way for the ales team to break the ice with potential high value clients, particularly in markets more resistant to a face to face sales approach.

Referrals and networking should always be encouraged, not just within the sales team but across the whole business. Often there is insufficient dedication to gaining referrals. The method that provides the strongest track record of high quality clients is underexploited in most organisations.

SEO including Pay per Click (if appropriate), considered an absolute must by most businesses.  It does not target high value clients but activity spent on SEO is seldom wasted as search results on page 1 get more enquiries. The website and where a company appears in a Google search are the first impressions a potential client gains. Any B2B company’s marketing matrix should start with SEO.


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