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Does your lead generation campaign have that sparkle?.

Posted on: 5 November 2015

Does your lead generation campaign have that sparkle?

Guy Fawkes Night is finally upon us and it is a time for you to ensure your lead generation campaign has the same sparkle that will light up the night sky over the next few evenings.

How to ensure that your campaign has sparkle

Are you approaching the right companies?  What is the profile of companies that are best prospects for you.  Ensure that you are focusing on a realistic target market by undertaking market research. Who are the decision makers that you should be targeting with your market? What are their pain points, and drivers for change?  What sort of marketing do they respond best to?  How can you use this information to align your product/service offering, and make your marketing strategy work well for you. This type of research then allows a 360 degree view of your target market.

Market Research also ensures that you do not waste valuable time and resources targeting an incorrect sector.

One of the hardest things about lead generation is when your data is incorrect.  It means that you are wasting your time and money.  If you have clean data, your time on lead generation is not spent sourcing the right contacts, or contacting companies that have gone out of business.  If you want to update your data as you go, that’s fine, just allow for that within the lead generation campaign.

Many companies outsource their data cleansing, and clean data as they use it.  Some companies also offer data profiling where they explore data in more depth asking key questions to qualify the data before it is called.

If you send out direct mail as a form of lead generation, is it presented well and with relevant information? If you are using telemarketing, is this message reinforced by their work? If you use your website to generate leads, is your website optimized with relevant contact forms and details?

It is also good to get an external view on whether your marketing campaign is effective and engaging. This is something which you could find out internally from staff members or external contacts that could use AB testing to discover how engaging your campaign actually is.

Targeted lead generation works.  Think about the experience that you already have to bring into your lead generation.  In this way, the decision makers that you are talking to will see a relevance to your call.

Chris Walthew

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Posted: 5 November 2015 | B2B Marketing, Blog, Lead Generation, Market Research


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