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what is building rapport in appointment setting

What Is Rapport Building & Why Is It Important?.

Posted on: 17 May 2021

Having a good rapport with clients comes naturally, for some. However, building rapport for others is a struggle. However, building trusting working relationships with customers and clients is a strategic skill that can be trained. 

If you are ready to do the homework and pay attention, anyone can build beneficial business relationships.

If you have been asking the questions, “What is rapport building, and how do you build a good rapport?” then this is where our experts can help!

This article will look at ways to build rapport to build good trusting relationships with clients and customers, especially within B2B appointment setting, business to business outreach, and how it helps pave the way to successful, profitable partnerships.


What Is Rapport Building?

Rapport building is where you are looking to build a sincere relationship with your clients. 

From having a good positive first impression to building a trusting working relationship, it is critical if you are hoping to develop and keep good working business relationships.

Having a good rapport with someone may be seen as natural to some, and some may see it as just having an outgoing and bubbly personality. 

However, building a good rapport is a strategic skill and process that you can put into everyday practice, as it uses forethought and preparation, and use this to improve overall success as a sales representative. This mindset can also enhance the effectiveness of a sales team.


Why Is It Important?

Now you know the answer to ‘what is rapport building?’, the next step is knowing why it matters.

Having a good rapport with a client is essential to a successful business working relationship. When a customer has a good rapport with a company or service provider, they feel comfortable confronting and resolving any issues they may have or seeing you as their “go-to person”. 

This not only ensures problems are dealt with quickly, it usually saves a lot of unnecessary aggravation and the need for escalation.

Within appointment setting services, having good rapport as the first contact with potential clients ensures that the client feels they can speak openly and honestly. 

The time you spend investing in your working relationship will pay off to the benefit of your sales representative.


What Are The Benefits Of Rapport Building?

Speaking to customers and potential clients day in and day out can be somewhat tedious at times, especially within some B2B environments when you have to follow the constraints of a script or auto-response. 

When you start to disassociate or show a lack of interest when speaking, it shows, which can significantly affect your conversation’s outcome and intention. 

It is essential that if you find yourself in a customer-facing role or provide appointment setting services, you build rapport with your potential customers to make each conversation engaging for you and engage them to gain their business. 

This is especially important when it comes to B2B appointment setting and building solid partnerships with companies. If you stand out as a team that takes the care to truly understand their business, this will motivate them to become return customers with a high lifetime value.


How Can You Build Good Rapport?

Building a good rapport is all about listening and sincerity. There are many tips and tricks that people will give you on how to do this, but ultimately, you must ensure that you are not faking the interactions you have.

Whilst you are representing a company, you must not act as a corporate robot; otherwise, your client will see this as disingenuous and notice your lack of empathy and engagement in their situation. 

You should aim to be empathetic and show your understanding of their problems, wants or needs. 

Ask Questions 

If you are getting to know and learn about new potential clients, getting them to open up and build on a personal connection by asking questions. Possible questions to ask are:

”How was your weekend?”

”Are you from the area?”

”Have you been with the company long?”

”Have you always worked for…?”

Find Your Similarities

Look to make a personal connection via a similar interest; maybe you are from the same city, or look for a similar hobby; having a similarity between you and a potential client makes you memorable and helps you build a rapport.

Be Nice

It’s as simple as that! be friendly, approach people with warmth and a smile. First impressions matter, so a solid handshake and eye contact are crucial to building a food rapport. However, don’t come across as pushy, too friendly or trying too hard. 

There’s a delicate balance between the two, and too much of either can be seen as inauthentic.

Although having a good rapport to ensure sound business working relationships is important, it shouldn’t be overcomplicated. The goal is to try and make every interaction as positive as possible for both you and the client.


Can You Outsource Rapport Building?

In a word, yes! This is where our professional appointment setting services come into their own. At Prospect Research, we work tirelessly to position ourselves as an extension of your company, no matter in what professional aspect we’re working for you. 

This means that we work seamlessly alongside your sales representatives, aligning our expertise in building rapport with prospects and turning these into profitable, happy customers for your sales team. 

With over 16 years of experience in the B2B appointment setting and lead generation markets, we understand that outsourcing to an agency can seem daunting, especially with something as important as customer outreach or rapport building. 

This is why our dedicated and friendly team members ensure that we work with you, as a part of your business, fully involving ourselves in the ethos of your company and the approach that your favour when it comes to clients.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our appointment setting services and see how we can help! 

Alternatively, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with more details on any of the other outsourced services we provide.


Posted: 17 May 2021 | Appointment Setting, B2B Marketing, Blog


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