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Top rules for telemarketing

Top Tips when it comes to completing Market Research.

Posted on: 16 May 2019


Market research requires a whole lot of energy and time. Telemarketers can spend sleepless days and nights to undertake complete research with all the details.

Attracting a certain client or different customers towards your business, you need a fool proof plan that doesn’t backfire. This can only happen when you have back up plans with complete details required.

Market research can help a telemarketing company to know about its customers’ behaviour. How they should be impressed, what are their viewpoints about different social and cultural factors.

Research can be divided into two various fields. Primary Market Research and Secondary Market Research. Primary research helps us know about customers through direct methods whereas in secondary research information about customers is gathered from outside or secondary sources.

To save your time and expand your research, ensuring the following tips would be a great help to your company:

Determine what you need

Before starting your research, devise a plan and schedule about spending your time and money on a worthy plan. A more focused research would be really valuable to you.

Search for answers in early results

Don’t look out to find each and every information or detail from your research. Try to look for answers from your early research results. You have to be very observant to make sure that what the research information interprets.

Save as much as you can

If there is a social media platform available for you to gather information about your clients, then don’t waste your money in hiring researchers or a research company for work you can do by yourself without any assistance, you don’t need to spend your money on that.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research includes rigorous interviews or group discussions with approximately 8-10 people. We can get a detailed report through this type of research including the attitudes, emotions, behaviours of your target market. This may include visiting your competitors or inviting customers who can comment on your product so you get an idea about what opinions your customers may hold about your product or service.

Quantitative Research

This type of research includes interviews and involve a large number of people. This type of research is useful for increasing the market value, improving products, and introducing new products or services. In order to have valuable research, you would need a large pool of people who will be willing to be part of the interview session.

Seek continuous learning

As the time is changing and the market is evolving with all the new technology entering and competition increasing, you need to remain updated about your surroundings. Have a regular look at particular newsletters and journals related to your market. Also, try to mingle with and increase your contact with the higher authorities in the market to expand your research and know about greater aspects of the field.



Posted: 16 May 2019 | B2B, Blog, Market Research, Telemarketing


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