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Purpose of folllowing up when doing telemarketing

What is the Purpose of Following Up When Doing Telemarketing?.

Posted on: 17 July 2019

The phenomenon of a follow up call is indeed very beneficial when doing telemarketing.

This process signifies how much you care about keeping a connection with your client. It indicates that you do not take your clients for granted and your business with them does not just end with the completion of a particular project. It marks that you not only worry about your sales, but your rapport and relationship with your client as well.

Why do you think it is important to make follow up call?

You may think that a follow-up call is not really needed in telemarketing, but you are unaware of the fact that it may not be important and essential for the first time, but later it can turn out to be quite beneficial. It clears your position with a customer or company and lets you know your worth to them.

What are the instant benefits of making follow up calls?

Follow up calls are very essential for building the trust factor between you and your customer. You can easily figure out your position with them by communicating and knowing about their long-term feedback. You tend to make changes to satisfy your customer’s needs and requirements and improve your ways of business for them.

A follow-up call is not always about advertising about another product or service that has to be sold, but instead it is made to keep a check on your product and get feedback for your own research and satisfaction.

During the initial steps when telemarketers try to convince customers to buy their product, they do almost everything in their favour to change customer’s mind to buy it. This shouldn’t be stopped, but should be continued even after the customer has bought your product. This will strengthen their trust in you and if they have any queries about it, they can be resolved too.

When the next cold call turns out to be a feedback review call, it surprises the customer and they trust you more thinking that you were truthful at the beginning.

How does follow up calls help in increasing the size of your customer foundation?

Follow up calls increase engagement with customers and motivates them to remain devoted supporters of your firm. It also leads to a reference system as your customers who trust you refer you to their other colleagues and this way you gain more clients. Referrals are one of the best ways to attract customers. People start approaching you on other people’s recommendation. This way, follow up calls lead you to happy customers and happy customers lead you to an increased number of clients.

After sale services indicate more about your product. Every other company uses the best words to describe their products while selling, but they go out sight after their business is done. Now in presence of any fault in the product, the customer would sit back helpless, but with follow up calls they can easily report their queries and get them resolved to maintain their good reputation.

Posted: 17 July 2019 | B2B, Blog, Telemarketing


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