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3 Reasons to Run a Telemarketing Campaign Over Summer.

Posted on: 15 March 2018

It’s a fairly common tradition across Britain for people to take an extended holiday over the summer months, with many offices and businesses paring back operations as a result. This might tempt you into scaling down your own marketing efforts during this time, resigned to the fact that the summer lull is simply an inescapable inevitability.

Such an approach represents a grave mistake and a missed opportunity in sourcing new leads, consolidating your business and planning for a successful end to 2018. Here are three keys reasons why it’s a good idea to continue running a telemarketing campaign over summer.

1) Setting yourself apart

If everyone else is easing off the accelerator and slowing down operations from June onwards, now is the time for you to set your enterprise apart by capitalising on that sluggishness. With less competition on the market, you can source leads more easily and convert them into customers more efficiently, just by showing them that you’re proactive and professional, at a time when others maybe are not. By the same token, if you do ease up on your own marketing campaigns, you open the back door for other go-getters to steal your existing and potential business.

2) Turning a setback into a springboard

So offices are generally less staffed through the summer months… is that necessarily a bad thing? Remember, it’s not only decision makers who take holidays – gatekeepers do too. If the person who is appointed to field calls and keep their boss from unwanted distractions is out of the office, their absence represents either an open goal for you to contact the prospect, or at the very least an easier task in a less experienced replacement. What’s more, if business is slow across the board, your prospect may be more prepared than ever to listen to how you can help.

3) Planning for the future

Even if you can’t get hold of the men and women who matter during summer, a tenacious telemarketing campaign can allow you to get your foot in the door and schedule calls or meetings for later in the calendar. Just because you don’t make contact immediately, laying down the groundwork for autumn or winter is just as good a use of your time as anything else. Moreover, you can also use the summer months to blood new recruits on the phones, giving them vital experience which will inevitably pay off during busier periods.

Coordinate your campaign today

There you have it – contacting people when the sun is shining and their mood is buoyant could well represent the opportunity you need to augment your customer base and boost those profit margins. For friendly, impartial advice on how to create a successful telemarketing campaign, Prospect Research are waiting to help you today.

Posted: 15 March 2018 | Blog, Telemarketing


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