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4 ways to win more business from construction project alerts.

Posted on: 31 March 2015

Are you looking for more leads from your construction project alerts?

Subscribing to a project alert service from a specialist provider such as Barbour ABI is an excellent way to do this.

The amount of new business that you can win from alerts is dependent on how you use and follow up on the data.  Here are 4 ways you can win more business from project alerts:

1. Track time dependent events

You’ve made the decision to subscribe to a construction project alert service, and you’ve explored the alerts that will be of most use to you.  To make the most of your alerts, you need a robust way of following up each opportunity, and making sure that you can track deadlines for EOIs and tenders.

Top tip – Put an alarm a week before each Expression of Interest needs to be submitted so you don’t lost track of submission dates.

2. Build your pipeline

To make the most from your construction project alerts across the whole year, you need to build an ever-growing pipeline, and constantly monitor this to unearth the best opportunities. By labelling each alert, you will be able to gain a snap-shot of your pipeline of alerts, and assess where your best business prospects are.

Top tip – Put aside dedicated time every week to manage your alerts.  This consistent approach will mean that you don’t miss opportunities.

3. Keeping petrol fumes and costs down

If you have your eye on cutting down on your travel for new business, make sure that you arrange site visits and meetings with prospects in an efficient way.  By fitting in two or three meetings in the same area in the same day, you can cut down on costs and the time you spend out of the office.

Top tip – Filter the hottest prospects by postcode to find those in a similar area.  Using an online route planner can help you plan your trip in the most efficient way.

4. Confirm, confirm, confirm

Avoid arriving at a site visit or meeting, only to find that your prospect has forgotten about the appointment that you arranged.  It’s frustrating for both parties, especially you after putting in all of the effort to uncover the opportunity to talk to a potential customer.

Top tip – After arranging to meet with someone, send them an email with your contact details, and speak to them the day before the meeting to confirm your appointment.

Lead generation from construction project alerts

Do you subscribe to an alert service that lets you know about the latest construction projects going out to tender?  Are you missing out on business because your sales team lack the time to follow up these alerts?

Prospect Research provides a lead generation service for the construction sector, where we work through your project alerts, contact the contractors and find the best construction leads for your sales team.

Click here to find out how we help companies in the Construction and Facilities Management sectors win more business from their construction project alerts.

Posted: 31 March 2015 | Blog, Lead Generation


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