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5 Ways To Warm Up Cold Leads

5 Ways To Warm Up Cold Leads.

Posted on: 8 December 2021

With the current changes in how many businesses interact with one another – and how they interact with potential customers or clients – over the last 18 months, it’s more important than ever to become more efficient during the outreach process. 

This goes double for companies and agencies that focus on appointment setting services. While providing industry-leading services is something that we – humbly – consider ourselves experts in, how we as a business conduct our appointment setting has needed to be flexible, adaptable to the changing work climate.

And when getting to the right audience can seem harder than before, we’ve put together a few tips to warm up those cold leads.

Adapt To The Client

As a leading appointment setting service company, adapting to go virtual must happen if you want to make meaningful connections with potential partners.   

Are you trying to expand globally? Then establishing a virtual meeting process is the way forward, especially as it allows flexibility to meet the needs of this potential partner. With in-person meetings becoming a rarity, virtual meetings allow more client flexibility and enable you to connect regardless of the time zones. 

If the potential prospect needs you, as the appointment setter, to be flexible – whether that’s for the time, location or duration of the call, it’s important that you go above and beyond to accommodate for this. 

While an initial appointment is all about setting the tone for the potential partnership that this prospect and your client will enter into, which needs to be collaborative – there also needs to be the assurance that the appointment will be beneficial, and accessible to the client from the get go. This is key to setting the right atmosphere at the very beginning!

Sales Intelligence and Brand Research 

With changes to the way we work, becoming more intelligent with sales also plays a part in leading to better leads. 

Before making that initial contact with a potential partner, research equips the agent with all the necessary information they should know about the client.  

Knowing who you are talking to and what needs they have will give you a competitive advantage. 

This plays into brand research because if you know who you are talking to and what they need from you and the client you’re representing – if you’re working as part of an appointment setting agency for example – it will remove any doubts the client may have and present a personal touch for better relationship building. 

This then also presents the opportunity for further upselling, and better client relations in the future, because of the better understanding you possess with one another. Plus, being knowledgeable of the prospect’s industry, or business, is a must for any appointment – taking an interest, a tangible enthusiasm in your prospect is a sure-fire way of taking them from cold to warm.

Qualify Those Leads 

Providing quality leads is a guaranteed way to warm up your cold lead generation. By seeking an experienced appointment setting agency, cold leads going nowhere would be something you wouldn’t need to worry about. 

Partnering with a professional appointment setting agency will provide your business with more highly qualified clients, leading to more mutual success and tangible results. If your business is reaching out to in-market prospects, the likelihood of them being cold is reduced, because they’re already actively interested in the services or solutions your business can provide. This is where working with an experienced appointment setting company can be so beneficial, to fill your sales funnel with prospects that are more likely to convert.

Therefore, considering a third party agency will have long term benefits for your company, especially when considering it can take out a lot of the heavy lifting and provide quality leads.  

Target Decision-makers 

Lastly, make sure that you are in contact with decision-makers. There is no point wasting time pitching ideas to someone on the fence and without the power to make a decision. 

You want to make sure your interactions with potential clients are interested in your proposal rather than questioning and combating your suggestions.

One way to ensure a cold lead remains cold is to invest time into someone constantly unsure and worrying about ”what if”. Eliminate this by heading straight to the source and getting a clear answer. Regardless of the solution, the time that you will save will be invested back into a new lead. 

In conclusion, there are various ways to make sure that your cold leads start turning warm. This includes using intelligent sales, brand research to understand your partners better, and talking to the right people because we need to make sure that we work competently to eliminate time-wasting. 

Adapting to changes that affect everyone to meet client needs. However, these suggestions may be simple. They are small steps to set your company in the right direction, so it may be time to implement them.   

Posted: 8 December 2021 | Appointment Setting, Blog, Business Development


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