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A teaspoon of telemarketing with a pinch of direct mail.

Posted on: 22 February 2016

As a telemarketing company operating in many industries we notice fluctuations regarding preferential forms of marketing.

In recent months we have had clients, specifically in the private sector who have been using our services alongside their own forms of direct mail. We have noticed that there are some advantages to this kind of campaign which form a perfect recipe.

Method for the perfect recipe

Step One: Add one phone call and ensure you have the correct details for the decision maker. Whilst you are doing this also discover as much information as possible. For instance, is the service/ product going to be relevant? You can then send direct mail out. It is not necessary to speak to a decision maker at this point.

Step Two: After one week contact the decision maker to ensure they have received the direct mail. If they haven’t, re-send it either by post or in a PDF format via an email (verifying the correct email) and follow up a few days later. You are then able to prompt them to take a look at the mail and potentially in more detail.

Step Three: If the decision maker has received the direct mail it is time to introduce your products/services. In our case, we have noticed a quick decision being made. This reduces the time spent on call backs for companies with a cooler prospect. The end result should be an appointment for one of your sales team to meet with the prospect.

A practical example

Kathryn has worked on a campaign for a bespoke automation company for the last 8 months. She has stated that “What has made this campaign successful is that we have been able to identify those companies with a need for the services and before we talk about the facts, the company sends out an introductory pack with a brochure and personalised letter; we then follow that up a week later.”

Kathryn believes the success of this campaign is due to “the companies [being] aware of the brand, the services provided and case studies of how it’s worked for similar business in the past. The companies then expect the call, and have targeted questions, which allows the lead to be highly qualified and when the sales rep goes for a meeting, the potential to close is greater.” – Kathryn, Account Manager for the Private Sector.

Posted: 22 February 2016 | B2B, Blog, Lead Generation, Outsourcing, Telemarketing


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