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Are call structures necessary for a telemarketing campaign?.

Posted on: 24 November 2015

Call structures can be as structured or unstructured as required. For instance, many companies will act on the premise that scripts are just guidelines for the call, to ensure that appointments and leads are generated with companies that match their criteria for a great prospect. For telemarketers who have a wide range of experience, they are able to create conversation around the points that are given to them by a company.

Other companies may insist that the telemarketer sticks word by word especially when giving information about a particular product or service.  However, in my experience, a flexible call approach, that allows for a natural business conversation leads to engaging, successful telemarketing campaigns.

How can I check that a call approach is working for my campaign?

This is a great way to gather whether or not a call structure needs to be modified as you can hear both sides of the conversation. It also gives a chance to listen to the quality of the telemarketers.

Your agency may be able to furnish you with call recordings of decision maker conversations so you can hear both sides of the conversation from the comfort of your own desk.

Working alongside your team or an outsourced agency to create the wording for the campaign can help a lot in a telemarketing call, but do also listen to their expertise about how to best get a message across to a prospect. You want to give prospects a bite of information, not the whole catalogue of products or services. By giving your agency feedback when the call structure is being developed, you can contribute with your expertise.

In my experience…

In my experience, a call structure is a living thing:  it changes and flexes as the campaign develops.

However, the success of the phone call will most likely lie in the calibre of the telemarketer and how they engage with decision makers on the phone. Although you are the expert for your own offering, remember that your agency have years of experience about how to engage with decision makers.

Be in contact with your agency to give feedback on the call structure.  Make sure that if you have specific criteria for a lead or appointment that this is given to your agency so they can weave questions relating to these criteria into your call structure.

A final point is that if you are looking to outsource your telemarketing, it is vital that you build relationships with your telemarketing partners to ensure they are experienced enough to engage in conversation on the same level as your decision makers.

Posted: 24 November 2015 | B2B, Blog, Call Structure, Telemarketing


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