Attending 5 sales meetings in a day

Attending 5 sales meetings in a day

Last week I had a day in London where I attended five meetings. I’d arranged one meeting to start at 11.30 in central London and was able to line up the other four meetings to fit around this.

Arranging multiple meetings in a day doesn’t always work this conveniently but it does show how much more effective in terms of time and cost it is when you can do it. As a guesstimate, a day out of the office for the average salesperson including their salary and travel costs will be about £300. You also have the opportunity cost of probably £1,000 for the day from them mainly being out of action for closing deals. Even if you have a slick mobile working set up, you’re out of action when driving.

So here are 5 telemarketing tips and observations for diary management:

  1. Organise your diary view so that it’s easy to see the location of existing appointments
  2. When you’re making a call that you expect to result in a meeting, know the dates of any other meetings either in the same location or en route
  3. If you’ve arranged a meeting, particularly if it’s a long distance away, look up other prospects that are based in the same area. You don’t want to meet someone just because you’re passing, but it makes outside bet prospects more sensible to see. If you’re doing you’re own telemarketing to fresh prospects, you can focus some time on companies based in that area too.
  4. If someone else is arranging appointments for you, giving them access to your diary if possible is very worthwhile. Give them guidance on what times are suitable for you to attend appointments. You also want to have confidence they have a sensible grasp of geography and journey times.
  5. Being able to give a prospect the approximate location of another meeting you’ve already arranged near them is an effective way to close for an appointment for several reasons:
  • You have a specific date to focus on and they usually try to accommodate you in reducing travel time by combining two meetings on the same trip
  • It helps give the impression that you and your company are in demand as you’re already seeing someone else in the area
  • It also takes the pressure off them as they’re not feeling that you’re travelling a long way just to see them, so will need to justify the travel time with a hard sell to them
  • However, avoid the temptation of making up that ‘you’re in the area’ as people see through this

As for my day in London…. A very productive and enjoyable time, although five is the most meetings I’ve done in a day, so the brain and feet were certainly tired at the end of it – nothing to do with meeting up with one of my best friends Tom at the end of the day for a couple of drinks and catching the last train back to Cambridge!

Chris Walthew, Managing Director, Prospect Research. 

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