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How will telemarketing make your 2020 better

Beginners Guide to Telemarketing.

Posted on: 27 June 2019

If you have a start-up and are planning to increase your sales through telemarketing, the following tips may prove to be beneficial for you.

By following these basic tips, you may not sound like a beginner in this field:

Sound like a telemarketer:

A professional telemarketer is well aware of his client’s whereabouts, needs and requirements. They not only research well, but they very well know how to converse with a particular client. It is better suggested to approach a customer on call in a friendly manner. Do not ask too many questions about them that may cause irritation. Make sure that they are in a good mood or else tell them that you’ll call again later when they will be free to talk.

A friendly approach builds their trust in your company and they get comfortable in conversing with you. A good telemarketer not only speaks, but listens to the customer as well.

Make sure that you have a plan

Telemarketing is not a child’s play where you can pick up the phone and call a random number to brag and nag about your products and services.

It is a step by step process in which proper market research is followed by cold calling. Without good market research, you won’t be able to reach your potential clients. You may also end up wasting your budget if you ignore this first step.

Make sure you have a script. A script consists of all the important points that need to be discussed in the call. A script shouldn’t be memorised word by word, that would make your conversation feel artificial. Try to have a more natural conversation to maintain a fruitful conversation.

Make sure you have some training in telemarketing

If you are on a low budget and cannot afford any out of house Telemarketing Company, then it is better suggested to get a little training from the internet to prepare yourself and start working. Investing your money on costly equipment wouldn’t be of too much help so it’s better to start helping yourself.

Learn from your failures

Telemarketing is a very tricky field, working in it is not easy and requires great calm and composure of mind. You may face hundreds of rejections in a day and yet you have to maintain your level of optimism, come out smiling and begin with the same enthusiasm. You should question yourself over these rejections and see what did you miss to not grab that client.

It doesn’t matter if you got rejected, but the purpose of rejection should be known for future betterment.

Do not sound bored or dull

You should sound enthusiastic and excited while speaking to the customer to build his interest in the call. Ask intriguing questions that they cannot resist answering. The more they’ll engage in the conversation, the more chances will increase of gaining a client for your business.

Posted: 27 June 2019 | Blog, Lead Generation, Telemarketing


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