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5 Benefits of Customer Surveys.

Posted on: 11 December 2017

Did you know that your customers hold all of the answers for business growth? Conducting customer surveys is a simple and cost effective way to gather feedback which can drive improvement within the business. They can tell you a lot about your business, including your strengths and weaknesses, and detailed opinions can give you a competitive advantage.

Analysing data from customer surveys can give companies of all sizes powerful insights. Make sure you’re on the right track by asking for customer opinions and measuring client satisfaction.

Here’s our top five advantages of customer surveys.

  1. Feedback about all areas of the business

Whether you want to assess the success of a product line or make sure your customer support team are delivering, surveys allow you to gather feedback about many different parts of the business. Identify the key areas you would like to understand better, and develop the best ways to question your customers about them.

  1. Identify strengths

By capturing and analysing data in large numbers, you’ll be able to pinpoint key trends. The company’s strengths will become apparent, when the majority of customers declare they are happy with certain aspects (service, product, communication etc.). Knowing your strengths can help you find your USPs and build on each asset.

  1. Identify weaknesses

On the other hand, surveys will also highlight weaknesses within a business. When customers rate their satisfaction consistently low for certain areas, these become areas for concern. Find out what went wrong and build a quick strategy to make sure these parts of the company improve. Knowing where your weaknesses lie is an advantage, so use this data well to drive change.

  1. Marketing material

The information you get back from customer surveys can often be used to shout about what you get right. Content from surveys can be used for testimonials and glowing reviews about your products and services. You may also be able to write up a case study or contact individual customers who filled out the survey to see if they’d be happy to give more details.

  1. Measure standards

The great thing about a survey is if it’s created in the right way, it can be used over a long period of time to track progress. The majority of questions can remain the same, so you can constantly compare the data to check whether company performance is going up or down. Set some minimum standards and if the customer satisfaction drops below this level, it’s time for an intervention.

Want to find out more about the many benefits of customer surveys? Get in touch with our survey team.

Posted: 11 December 2017 | Blog, Market Research


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