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Building relationships with universities can benefit your business!.

Posted on: 28 March 2017

We speak to many companies about the benefits of building relationships with universities, business schools and training providers. They all know that universities offer a wide range of training and qualifications to develop their staff, at all levels in the organisation, to improve productivity and the retention of talent. The biggest challenge we face is in explaining, in depth, all the other ways that Universities can support your business.

Identify and prioritise skills gaps

Many organisations find it challenging to accurately diagnose skills gaps to identify what training to offer and at what level. Many institutions will assist companies carry out an audit, which can help decision maker’s prioritise targets in their talent development strategy.

Access to the latest research and resources

A relationship with a university can include access to the latest research and university resources that may give your organisation a competitive edge over others in your industry.

Collaboration to share best practice

Some organisations aren’t aware that universities are happy to engage with them to collaborate on different projects. They can offer advice, research or students to support the navigation of new ideas or strategies.

Access to speakers and events

Whether you are interested in networking or professional development, University’s and training providers can be a fantastic resource when it comes to CPD opportunities, networking events and an array of interesting speakers, covering diverse topics and subject matters. Having a good relationship with universities can led to access to these events, which can be used as a tool for your learning and development strategy.

Advice and help to navigate the apprenticeship levy

New legislature can be confusing and stressful for companies especially when there is money involved. The apprenticeship levy is about to be implemented in April and some businesses are feeling unsure about how to get the most out of the levy, especially those with wage bills over £3 million. Having a conversation with relevant people from different training providers can help by not only finding the best courses to upskill existing staff and attract new talent, but they can also provide advice to companies about how to make the most out of the levy by using it to invest in your team through programmes such as degree apprenticeships.

Knowledge about funding and other financial support available

Business Development Managers and Curriculum Coordinators have a wealth of knowledge about the financial support available. Having an exploratory meeting with them could open up different avenues and ideas, which you may not have previously considered, to help fund your staff training and development.

Posted: 28 March 2017 | Blog, Education and Skills


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