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Is Cold Calling Dead?.

Posted on: 29 August 2017

With so many different types of inbound and outbound marketing techniques in use today, it is easy to start discrediting some and choosing most effective methods. In this digital age, many companies simply presume that having a great website and digital marketing will help them create leads and make sales. But everybody is doing that, so how will you stand out from the crowd and reach out directly to your target audience?

There’s a notion going around that cold calling in particular is obsolete. People are sick of sales calls and are simply too busy to hear about your fantastic offers. It’s true, the traditional technique of cold calling may be dead, but if you do it right with a targeted telemarketing strategy and the best salespeople it is still incredible effective.

Even in 2017, a telemarketing campaign can be one of the best ways to boost lead generation and support growth strategies. Whether you are trying to gather data for an important survey or trying to achieve sales targets, cold calling is still a tool which can be utilised.

When done right, cold calling works. Here’s why:

Talking builds trust

Many people would agree that they would like to speak to a representative or employee of a company before deciding to buy from them. Why? Because you can trust a person more than you can trust a website. While consumers are still adapting to ecommerce, they can be wary of what they read online and would rather speak to somebody in person to ask questions and ensure the company is credible. That’s why you shouldn’t just rely on inbound marketing techniques. Have a conversation with your potential customers to build the trust needed for them to convert.

Instant results

Inbound techniques such as content marketing and SEO are cost effective, but businesses have to wait it out to see how successful the campaign is. It can also be very difficult to measure how many leads have actually been generated from this type of digital marketing. With telemarketing, as soon as people start calling you are starting to increase leads and prospects and you’ll have plenty of data on the entire campaign. You will also be building up your marketing database for future contact.

Complements other marketing strategies

There is no need to choose just one strategy. Online and offline, inbound and outbound work cohesively to provide a comprehensive successful marketing strategy. Cold calling as an outbound marketing technique can in fact complement and improve your other efforts – for example an email campaign can be followed up by a telemarketing campaign.

If you’re ready to embrace cold calling the right way and see how it could support lead generation, contact our specialists today.

Posted: 29 August 2017 | Blog, Cold Calling


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