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Developing a stronger, better prepared workforce through Employer Engagment.

Posted on: 8 September 2017

During the recent Business and Education Summit 2017, Jeremy Corbyn, Vince Cable and Justine Greening presented their party’s vision for the future and how we might go about developing a stronger, better prepared workforce. Although there were some discrepancies in the three proposals, there was one common goal across the board; moving forward there will be a greater emphasis in how businesses engage with education providers. Here are the three main takeaway learning points:

Be Open to Build a Symbiotic Relationship

For those of you who remember your biology lessons, symbiotic relationships refer to relationships that are mutually beneficial. Employer engagement teams seek to build these mutually beneficial relationships with companies in their geographical catchment area. Organisations can be affiliated with more than one university at a time and being open to these connections can be more helpful to your business and personal development than you may realise.

Prepare to Survive in a VUCA World

We are living through a time of technological revolution, which means that markets evolve swiftly as technology advances, therefore the world of business become more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than ever before. Establishing links with universities can give you access to the latest research across all areas of your business, networking events, professional qualifications and opportunities to share knowledge and resources to create competitive advantage. Some decision makers say that they would love to invest in building these relationships but they don’t have the time to do it. However, consider the cost of not developing these relationships? Ask yourself if your business can afford to be left behind during a time of rapid change.

Get ahead of the competition

If what Corbyn, Cable and Greening say is true, there will be greater rewards and incentives for companies who engage with education providers. Whether you like the idea or not, it does seem to be the way the tide is turning, so why not consider investing in building those relationships now, through channels such as Lead Generation,  before your rivals do, in order to remain current and competitive. At worst you have sacrificed half an hour of your time, at best, you could unlock the next big idea that will help drive your business forward.

Posted: 8 September 2017 | Blog, Education and Skills


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