Engaging with Employers: Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Engaging with Employers:  Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

The rolling out of new Higher and Degree Apprenticeships means that there’s even more to discuss with Employers now.  In our experience, a holistic approach to lead generation has always been very fruitful, starting business relationships with Employers based on their learning and development needs, rather than just promoting single courses.

As with all offerings from HEIs, lead generation for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships is as much about awareness as it is about arranging appointments for sales consultants.  Awareness of these new higher-level technical and professional Apprenticeships is still limited, with many Employers not realising that they are an option for their company.

By conducting a structured lead generation campaign, you can start to speak to Employers about their understanding of these Apprenticeships, and give information about how they can engage with them and how they can fit in with their existing learning and development plans.  This is the bliss about telephone contact:  it is a two way street.  By responding to mis-understandings and preconceptions about Apprenticeships for employees that are not at the start of their career, you can enhance awareness.

If you are thinking about managing your own in-house Employer Engagement campaign, you might like to read our blog ‘5 tips for conducting a successful lead generation campaign to employers’.

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