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Hurdles faced when doing telemarketing

Finding the perfect telemarketing company.

Posted on: 23 February 2019

For businesses of all sizes, business to business (B2B) telemarketing can play an effective role in the growth of the business, which is why many businesses are realising its significance and looking to outsource this activity to telemarketing firms that specialise in the art of promoting their business’s service or products to other businesses. This partnership with a telemarketing company means your sales team is able to focus on doing what they do best and close opportunities. While the telemarketing company act as an extension of your sales and marketing function.

A great telemarketing company representing you will have a significant positive impact on your business as well as your brand image. Therefore, it is incredibly importance that you find a firm that is not only within your budget but is also compatible with your company’s ethos. Here are some top considerations to be mindful of when searching for the perfect telemarketing company:

Only Work With The Right Kind Of Telemarketing Company

The first step of finding the Perfect Telemarketing Company for your needs is to understand the type of telemarketing company that is relevant to your business. Check whether the telemarketing agency is B2C or a B2B because these differ greatly in terms of their techniques, experience, and credentials. The right kind of agency will specialise in the needs of your target market and will be equipped to handle its complexities and technicalities.

Be Precise About Your Requirements

Knowing what you want and being precise about it will help you tremendously, even the best telemarking agency won’t be able to assist you if your sales strategy isn’t in place and planned out, so before you begin to create a detailed brief keeping your marketing and sales objectives in mind. This brief will help you find a telemarketing firm that can meet your business’s specific needs and give you a more precise proposal.

Set Your Budget And Calculate ROI

As with all business functions, setting a budget and then looking for the most affordable option within that budget is important. However, be mindful of the fact that great quality comes at a price! You can either choose to go for a commission based structure that brings a higher volume of lead or a fixed-fee structure that is more focused and produces better qualified opportunities. Furthermore, calculate the ROI that the telemarketing service can provide.

Gauge Experience and Credentials

Look for telemarketing agencies with relevant experience in your sector that show t they have previously dealt with the complexities of businesses similar to yours and have come out victorious. Having this knowledge will really put your mind at ease about outsourcing such an important facet of your marketing and sales activities to a telemarketing company. Look for testimonials. Learn about the people who will be ambassadors for your business. Additionally, check if the agency you are choosing are members of  the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), which show that the firm abides by a certain code of conduct and highlights the company’s standing within the industry.

Evaluate compatibility

The compatibility between your business and telemarketing firm is very important because the objective of this partnership is to nurture growth and generate qualified sales opportunities for your business. A great telemarking firm will have a defined process that has proven to work.


Dedicating the time and effort to find a great telemarketing firm really pays off. The wrong telemarketing firm can put your business reputation at risk besides failing your sales and lead generation efforts. Consider a few companies, conduct interviews and follow our considerations so you can make an informed decision.

Posted: 23 February 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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