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Five ways your Employer Engagement company can help expand your target market.

Posted on: 4 August 2016

So you want to explore new markets in the UK?  How can you get your outsourced Employer Engagement company on-board to help you expand the markets you work with, and make the most of finding new clients in the UK…….you can see what triggered this blog!

Perform a data analysis

Gather together details of all of the businesses in the sectors that you are interested in, in the regions that you are interested in.  Filtered this further by number of employees, so you can get a really good idea of how many companies are in that target market.  Who isn’t in your contact list already?  (Psssssssssssst. We do this as a free service for those in the education and skills sector.  Click here to request a market appraisal report).

Do some market research

What are your competitors already doing in your markets?  What is the demand for courses in this area with employers?  What are their key drivers?  Who are the key decision makers?

Gather your testimonials

You may not have clients in the new sector, but you may have clients whose testimonials will strike a chord when your Employer Engagement company talks to decision makers.  Gather these together, and give them to your Employer Engagement company to reference during their calls.  Also, add them into your marketing collateral that you send to prospects.

Perform mini lead generation campaigns

Not sure whether a new target market will be receptive?  Conduct a mini lead generation campaign to test the water, perhaps over three or four days, over a couple of weeks, and monitor the number of decision makers spoken to, and any successes or rejections.  What can you learn from marketing to this target market?


With a new target market, you need to analyse everything, from the outcomes of lead generation to any key bits of information gathered during a sales appointment.  Why are they interested in your organisation?  What turns their ears on about what you offer?  What opportunities/challenges does this new target market present?

Posted: 4 August 2016 | B2B, Blog, Education and Skills, Market Research


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