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Get ahead by building relationships with local employers before the Apprenticeship Levy.

Posted on: 31 August 2016

With the introduction to the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017, Apprenticeship providers are now looking at how they can forge new, and strengthen existing relationships with Employers, to put themselves in the best position as their go-to training provider.  We often hear tales of training providers being side-lined, purely because Employers didn’t know they offered training in a certain areas.

Many of our clients split our work for them into two pathways:

  1. Booking appointments with employers to discuss specific Apprenticeship opportunities

Our lead generation work for Apprenticeship providers often involves speaking to employers about their business needs, and how Apprentices can help their business to grow.  Sometime we promote specific Apprenticeship frameworks and levels; other times we speak to employers in a more holistic way, to find what their needs are across a range of Apprentices.

  1. Forging new, and strengthening existing relationships with Employers

Much of our work is based on raising the awareness of a training provider with Employers, so they know about a provider’s full portfolio of Apprenticeships, work-based and executive training.  Starting relationships with a local employers will only help training providers when the Apprenticeship Levy starts, as they will then be known to Employers when they come to source their training.

To start our work, we offer a market appraisal for Apprenticeship Providers, to better understand their market place.  We can give a full breakdown of the number of businesses within a 30 mile radius of your campus/office, broken down into the major SIC descriptors and numbers of employees.  You can then see the number of Employers that will be paying the Levy, and those who will be able to access the electronic voucher for Apprenticeship training.

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Posted: 31 August 2016 | Blog, Education and Skills, Lead Generation


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