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How to get the most out of your Barbour ABI Subscription using telemarketihng

Getting the most out of your Barbour ABI Subscription with Telemarketing.

Posted on: 17 May 2019

Finding it hard to follow up your Barbour ABI leads?

Do you need to concentrate on closing work, rather than generating new leads?

Would you like to work towards making the most of your subscription, and not missing an opportunity again?

Prospect Research is a B2B Telemarketing company, we have worked in partnership with Barbour ABI since 2004 and are one of their preferred telemarketing partners. We work with Barbour ABI subscribers to generate sales leads and appointments from their project alerts.

Prospect Research help you when it comes to doing your telemarketing to help you identify and generate, sales leads and appointments.  We can help you if you have no time to get the most out of your Barbour ABI Subscription or don’t have the skills in house to conduct ongoing lead Generation work.

But what is Barbour ABI

Barbour ABI are the UKs largest database for building and construction leads. They provide data for large projects, which is then used to help to book qualified leads for potential sales opportunities through telemarketing. Prospect research are one of Barbour ABI preferred telemarketing partners meaning that we help their clients when It comes to generating leads and helping them when it comes to their telemarketing,

Prospect Research’s Relationship with Barbour ABI.

We have been working with Barbour ABI for the past 10 years to help companies in the construction sector to win quoting opportunities by using telemarketing. The team here at prospect Research have a wealth of knowledge and experience, when it comes to working with clients of Barbour ABI. Meaning that we know how to work alongside clients of Barbour ABI. When it comes to helping subscriber’s who lack the time or resources to make the most of their alerts. As we are one Barbour ABI’s preferred telemarketing companies and have worked with them for the past 10 years, it means that we have a team of well-trained staff, who have the skills when it comes to being successful when getting the most out of your Barbour ABI subscription using telemarketing. Meaning that companies like yours do not have to spend valuable time training up staff to nurture and to find leads for you to quote for, as we can do all this for you.

Why telemarketing Barbour ABI data Works.

Barbour ABI’s data is most successful because it is the UKs largest data base and only targets the decision makers of a large group of companies, meaning that you are guaranteed to get some results at a high-quality standard. Also, all the data is GDPR Compliant meaning that all personal data will be protected

Who is the best person to ask when it comes to Barbour ABI?

One of our incredible sales team, Kathryn Brooks has been working at prospect Research since 2014 and has worked predominantly with clients in the construction and facilities sectors. Her work with her clients has resulted in uncovering hundreds of new business opportunities for clients, and, most importantly, substantial returns on investments for her clients. By working closely with Barbour ABI, Kathryn is an expert with working with their CRM, Evolution, as well as putting together the strategy for successful lead generation campaigns. Kathryn is an expert when it comes to telemarketing to generate and book sales opportunities.

If you would like to know any more information about how we can help you to get the most out of your Barbour ABI Subscription. Then get in touch with Kathryn Brooks on 01223 278970 or email her on [email protected]

Posted: 17 May 2019 | Barbour ABI, Blog, Telemarketing


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