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How to use telemarketing to generate meetings?

History of Telemarketing.

Posted on: 1 May 2019

Has telemarketing really changed that much?

People are so busy working these days that they don’t even know the roots of their own work. History plays an important part in the present. It signifies the importance of the work that we do and makes us aware of the past mistakes so we don’t repeat them and ruin our present. History should be known to gain knowledge, both positive and negative as it is beneficial in both cases.

If we learn something good about telemarketing that was done in the beginning and was beneficial, we can try that to the present in a more evolved way to make it more successful. On the contrary, if there is something negative, then it should also be known so that we might not end up repeating those same mistakes.

It was in the 19th century that the hiring of telephonists became popular. In North America, it gained popularity along with the usage of phones and telemarketing jobs. Although it was a different scenario, as rather than men, women started telemarketing in the beginning. It all started with some housewives calling and struggling to find cookie buyers. By the late 60’s it started getting recognised and attracted people. The central reason for hiring a large number of women in this field was that women required fewer wages when compared to men, they were polite and well-mannered in comparison to men. It was also said that due to their warm approach and likable nature, they were good for the field of telemarketing.

Soon it became popular to get telemarketing professional training. By the late 70’s it became extremely popular and was recognised all around the world.
It surprisingly brought in a huge amount of sales and continued spreading widely, but not all people were okay with receiving unknown and unwanted calls at whatever time of the day. Hence, the FTC created Do Not Call Registry for people who wanted to avoid these calls. Regardless of the laws passed, telemarketing continued spreading vastly all around the world due to the benefit it was providing to the sales of different companies.

Back in those days, there were no developed technologies, a phone could only dial 100 numbers in an interval of 8 hours, whereas today we should be glad that technology has made telemarketing so much easier for us. We can make uncountable calls to as many customers as we want.

Working for clients requires trust among two parties. Present day telemarketing can be approved at this point, whereas if we go back into the older days, we can figure out that an out of house telemarketer would not completely be able to satisfy his client with the reports about the customer. Albeit, today we can record a call and let our client listen to it. It balances and maintains the trust among both the parties and if there are any mistakes, they could be resolved as well. Hence, no misunderstandings and easy working leads us to healthier, professional relationships with clients and customers.

Posted: 1 May 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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