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How do you conduct B2B telephone surveys?.

Posted on: 25 November 2015

B2B telephone surveys can be used for gathering both quantitative and qualitative data for market research. They are particularly useful when looking to contact past clients for feedback and ways to improve your service/ product. They can also be used for business expansion to research into new geographical locations or service/products to name but a few.

Below, I have outlined some pointers on how to conduct a B2B telephone survey. These are just preliminary measures as each one could be a blog in its own right!

This will ensure that you do not waste time contacting the incorrect decision maker or a company that has merged, been acquired or dissolved.

By informing of your intentions from the beginning there can be no miscommunication around the reason for your call. Also, by indicating how long the survey could be a deciding factor as to whether someone will complete the survey. If  they are on a time limit then suggest to call them back at a more convenient time and note this down in the record history.

If this does not happen it can negatively skew the results of the survey as some interviewers may influence the answer of the respondent by extra prompts.

The respondents are giving up work time for you, so be polite and respectful of their time.  Don’t rush through the survey, but also bear in mind that people at work have limited time to give you.  If it’s not an appropriate time to do the survey when you call, arrange a call back when it’s a more convenient time for the respondent, or, if possible, send the survey to them in an on-line format.

When analyzing data, it is often useful to have additional information such as the industry sector that a respondent is in, or the size of their company by number of employees or turnover.  You can then look at trends that are developing when relating this demographic information with their responses.  You can normally buy this information with your data, but if not, or you are wary that this is sometime inaccurate from the data company, ensure that you double check it as part of the survey.  This is normally best done at the end of the survey.

Posted: 25 November 2015 | Blog, Market Research, Outsourcing


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