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Different ways to use Telemarketing

How does Telemarketing compete with Email Marketing?.

Posted on: 2 July 2019

Telemarketing and email marketing have been used around globally to flicker a conversation with potential clients.

Both of these ways of marketing have quite a history.

They cannot always compete, but can be compared.

Telemarketing was started by a bunch of housewives, who started selling cookies by using their phones. It became common by 1965 and required professional training because of the positive response by customers. This direct communication with customers turned out to be very effective. It was the time when there was no internet available, hence no emails could be used to introduce new products and sell them through email marketing.

It was in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent his very first email that gave new hope to companies to interface with their new approaches.

Both of these methods of marketing are equally common today and are used by various companies to boost up their sales and services or to find a potential client. They involve market research, which is very important to collect information about a client that involves his likes, interests, jobs, address, number, email, etc.

It is said that telemarketing is a more personal way of marketing as we can directly contact clients and have our deals and offers forwarded to them. In telemarketing, we know that the other person on the call is listening to us and may ask instant questions about anything related to the business or its products, so that can be answered directly without wasting any time. On the spot answers are better than waiting for days to receive an answer. This is what differentiates telemarketing from email marketing.

On the other hand, email marketing lacks engagement between both parties. Emails are normally forwarded to all potential clients despite their different interests. Writing a different email for a different client may consume too much of our time. So, it is sent in bulk. Just like cold calls are rejected numerous times, many such cold emails are also deleted without even reading. This is not the only case. On the other hand, email marketing is lower in cost when compared to telemarketing and it helps companies to drive revenue.

In the end, it can be concluded that despite being two different methods, telemarketing still competes and succeeds in the race as it gives a humanely feeling and an increased engagement that improves the relationship between both parties.  You have complete control of the situation when talking to the customer and you can sense their mood and have a conversation according to it. A better point of view can be presented on direct calls whereas not everyone is interested in reading long emails

Posted: 2 July 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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