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How to Deal with Gatekeepers When Doing Telemarketing?.

Posted on: 13 May 2019

Don’t sound like you are reading from a script

Telemarketing is a great tool to boost your company’s sale and reach its expected levels. It helps you with promoting and marketing your products and services. However, dealing with the gatekeeper may be a difficult task. Such instances in telemarketing require strong communication skills. Some organizations have gatekeepers who are there only to forward calls to the higher authorities, but in bigger organizations, the case is completely different. They are employed to filter calls and pass on only the most important ones.

You may wonder who is a gatekeeper            

A gatekeeper is anyone on the other side of a call, whose job role is to consider whether he should connect you to the decision maker or not. They are the impenetrable barrier between you and your cold calling goals. If you fail to pass through the gatekeepers, your chances of being successful would reduce to a great extent.

The following tips will help you in dealing with gatekeepers and how to pass through them:

Do not consider the gatekeeper your enemy

Don’t get irritated by his constant denial of forwarding the call to the decision maker. You may think of him as your enemy and lose your calm, but that would turn things against you. Handle your conversation in a mature and friendly tone, and keep in mind that whatever he his doing is his job and you have to do yours very skilfully.

Sound Senior

The more mature and knowledgeable you sound, the chances of the gatekeeper giving you a pass to talk to the authorities would increase. If the gatekeeper believes that you are from a higher management position, he will listen to you properly and most likely forward your call to the decision maker.

Do not sell to the gatekeeper

Do not even try selling in front of the gatekeeper as this would decrease the chances of him forwarding your call to the decision maker. They would ask you again and again about what you have to speak about and how they can help you, but you don’t have to open up to them, but wait calmly until the call is forwarded.

Build a rapport in front of the gatekeeper

You may wonder why it is important to build a rapport with the gatekeeper, but it is essential to do so. Having a polite and an intellectual tone to converse with him is your asset. Never sound like you are reading from a pre-prepared script, but always try to have a real conversation.

Sound like a personal call

This trick does wonders at times, your main goal is to bypass the gatekeeper and you can do so by addressing the decision maker by his first name. This would make you look like someone the decision maker knows. It would make the gatekeeper feel like that the decision maker is expecting this call and would forward your call.

Posted: 13 May 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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