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How to get Free B2B Leads on Twitter.

Posted on: 4 January 2016

How to get Free B2B Leads on Twitter

In my experience, Twitter has been great for discovering leads. It takes some work but if you are prepared to put the time in, you will reap the rewards. Below, I have suggested four separate ways to discover leads on Twitter.

This is probably the most time- consuming suggestion of all – mainly because you need to keep a track on relevant Twitter followers by noting down the company they are representing and their Twitter handle (their @username). Unfortunately on Twitter you cannot export your contacts like on Linked In.

I worked through this task with many coffees and an excel spreadsheet and only noted down the companies who looked as if they could be a prospect to us. This is mainly because we have a very specific set of requirements for our clients as I’m sure you do too.

Once you have your prospects loaded into an excel spreadsheet you can get researching the companies before calling and introducing your services. The fact that they already follow you on Twitter implies some engagement.

Beware that the Twitter account may not be controlled by your decision maker – always seek your decision maker’s details before contacting.

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Posted: 4 January 2016 | Blog


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