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How to manage an in-house sales team.

Posted on: 3 December 2015

So you are thinking of taking the next step and employing eager recruits to generate leads for your business? Or maybe you have an existing team and are looking for a better way to manage them? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve come up with five tips for people that manage their lead generation in-house, and in the spirit of spreading ideas, even if you get one idea that you don’t already do, this article has been worth the read!

  1. Set your objectives for your campaign

Outline to your team what you want to achieve from the campaign.  Do you want to speak to companies in certain sectors?  Do you want to generate follow-up calls for your sales team, or book them appointments?  What are your criteria for a great company to work with?  By outlining these at the start of each campaign, your team have a clear idea about what a ‘result’ means for you.

  1. Put together a resources library for your team

At the start of each campaign, ensure that your team have a call structure to follow, to help shape their call.  If you would like to send information to those people who would like to know more before continuing their discussion, have an email written and ready to send out.  We always put together a call handbook to give background to a campaign, so the team are fully briefed before the campaign starts.

  1. Set daily and monthly targets to keep your team on track

It is best to allocate a good amount of time each day to lead generation.  Our team have 7 hours of calling per day.  A team that gets distracted by other tasks will often find it hard to get the momentum needed for effective lead generation.

Set daily and monthly targets for your team that relate to the number of results that you need to fulfil your sales targets.  You could also set daily targets for things like the number of calls made, number of decision makers spoken to, or talk time.  These will motivate your team to keep on track, and allow you to measure the effectiveness of your lead generation campaign based on input vs results.

  1. Keep your team motivated

Involve your team in the background of a campaign, and congratulate success along the way.  Set mini targets – working towards one end goal with nothing to reward success along the way can be hard going.  Have people making phone calls sat together to create a buzz about the campaign.  This sounds obvious, but make sure that you have one person that monitors the campaign and manages the team on an ongoing basis.

  1. Keep your contact database up to date

We find that it’s best to use labels for each contact to show the progress made with them.  You can then also report on what your pipeline looks like in terms of results, call backs, and people that have still not been contacted.  Ensure that your lead generation team keep notes during their calling so that anyone making the next call to each contact knows what has been discussed before.

Posted: 3 December 2015 | B2B, Blog, Inhouse, Lead Generation, Telemarketing


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