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Tips On How To Motivate Sales Teams.

Posted on: 19 August 2020

There is a common belief that salespeople, in general, tend to be bold, ambitious and confident – and while that’s true most of the time, it’s important to remember that sales teams benefit from motivation and strong management just as much as any other department. 

It’s also something to consider that the characteristics that appear on the sales aptitude test, that make a member of the team a successful salesperson, can be displayed by introverted people just as much as extroverted people.

So the question, how to motivate sales teams is one that is asked frequently and with many different answers. 

As a director or manager, there are two direct ways that you can influence your sales teams: 

Impacting your team’s skillsets is usually relatively simple enough, by analysing individual performance against your metrics of success, and determining where there can be improvement. 

Motivation is harder. Because each team member will respond to different motivations, and each will work in a slightly different way. So ensuring that your management of your sales team incorporates an understanding of how best to motivate them as individuals is critical. 

However, a common cause of low motivation is your team feeling overwhelmed. If they’re skilled, and you have an incentive scheme in place that provides real value, and your teams are still struggling, why not look into outsourced support? 

Enlisting a professional lead generation and telemarketing agency, for instance, means your sales team can focus on converting the highly qualified leads that are brought in. It means your teams time and specialities are spent in the areas that are most beneficial to your business. 

But, we’ve put a few tips together to give you an idea of how to motivate sales teams to deliver the best results for your business: 

Build Trust With Your Workforce

At the centre of motivation, is trust. If your sales team doesn’t trust that you, as their manager or director, have their best interests at heart then their personal levels of inspiration and motivation for their roles will be lacking.

Ensuring that your sales teams understand that they can be transparent about their motivation, or if they are struggling with motivation for any reason, is the first step in remedying this.  Unless your sales teams feel able to speak openly and honestly about their performance, or motivation, you won’t be able to re-motivate them in any form. 

Simply opening a conversation with the intention of building trust can begin paving the way to a working relationship where your employees understand that you are interested in creating positive working relations, rather than just being their boss and nothing else. 

Ask Your Teams How They Want To Be Motivated

This might seem obvious, but more often than not, knowing how to motivate sales teams depends on understanding how they want to be managed.

Make sure that you’re asking each member of your team how they personally prefer to be managed, what their work style is and how best you can adapt your management styles to suit them. 

As a manager, you will figure out how to motivate your sales team by adopting management strategies that are reflective of your understanding that, just as different prospects respond to different selling styles, effective teams are made of individuals who will all have varying work methods and communication preferences. 

If you’re looking for motivational morning meeting ideas, why not ask your teams how they want feedback to be given, when they want to meet with you, and how best you as their manager can ensure they are constructively supported. 

Give Great Rewards

And this, rarely, always means monetary rewards. More often than not, once you understand how your sales teams prefer how to be managed, and how to motivate sales teams using their preferences as a basis, you can begin to implement inspirations that will actually motivate your team a lot more effectively than money.

Of course, motivation without reward would be every manager’s dream – but it doesn’t work like that. Dips in inspiration or motivation are normal, and what makes the difference between motivational tactics that really work, and those that can appear empty or merely delay the flagging motivation, is the value of these rewards to your team.

Unlike traditional cash prizes, rewards that are centred on bringing real value to your teams life, even their out-of-work life, can make a real difference. 


Ultimately, figuring out how to motivate sales teams is largely dependent on understanding the personal needs of your employees within their professional settings. Catering your management styles to them as individuals will create a positive working relationship where motivation comes as a result of trust, work methods that benefit both employees and managers, and inspiration which provides real value. 

Often the best motivational morning meeting ideas are those where you can get to know your staff, and build meaningful working relationships where you know what they respond to, and how to get the best out of them in ways which are positive. 

And if it does come down to time management, then perhaps bringing in an outsourced agency, whether that’s to help with appointment setting, or telemarketing services, or simply making sure that your sales team is focusing on converting high-quality leads, this can be the difference between a successful team and a poorly performing sales funnel.

Because at the end of the day, a successful sales team drives the financial success of the business, and motivated teams improve the working atmosphere, and therefore productivity, of the employee workforce.

Posted: 19 August 2020 | Appointment Setting, B2B, B2B Marketing, Blog, Sales Funnel


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