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How to use Telemaketing to do Market Research?.

Posted on: 30 April 2019

What is the target audience for your business?

How can we know more about this target audience to make them our permanent customers in telemarketing? Is research really necessary to conduct to determine the worth of your business?

All these questions can be answered in this article below. Hiring a telemarketing company to handle market research is an amazing method to promote a business and contribute to its growth. Whether it is in-house telemarketing or out of house telemarketing, both can attract and bring a huge audience towards your business.

Telemarketing is a huge field to work in. Other than doing cold calls, it helps greatly in market research and gathering data. Proper market research leads us to the best leads that are beneficial for our business as they can convert into customers. When an appropriate audience is targeted for a certain business, its results are effective and beneficial as well.

How does Market Research help companies?

Market research helps define market opportunities, solve problems, observe performance of our products or business, keeps us updated about our competitors and also looks out for customer satisfaction.

Market research can be done through surveys where we get to know about the interests of certain people. We can later contact them on behalf of the companies to talk about the details of the surveys that they have filled. This provides useful information to the client about customers.

Most people don’t answer calls from telemarketing companies or unknown numbers as they know the purpose of such calls and don’t to waste their time. Although telemarketing companies may know the tactics and they can make the consumer believe that the call is only for survey purposes, it takes time to make the other person believe that they are talking to a reliable resource. You have to explain in detail to them about your company, business, research and the survey you are conducting.

Telemarketing provides a greater space for a salesman to approach a large audience because calling people through a phone increases your chances of getting a more personal survey. If we go to someone randomly in a park or restaurant, and ask them to answer our survey questions, they will most probably walk away or ask us to excuse them because they will feel like we are invading their private time.

The overall results of surveys conducted from large audiences are then compiled and formulated. A report consisting of the results of the survey. This report is then used to select particular clients and customers for telemarketing for a business. This makes telemarketing quite easy and effective. Also, we can save our time and money by not wasting it on unnecessary calls and customers as we can directly address people who we know will be interested in our business.


Posted: 30 April 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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