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Hurdles faced when doing telemarketing

The Hurdles of Telemarketing and how to get over them.

Posted on: 8 November 2019

These days telemarketing has become one of the largest ways to generate leads and find new sales opportunities. But like everything, there are always hurdles that you face in order to become successful. When working in the telemarketing industry you will come across the same hurdles time and time again, but with the right guidance from the experts, it is something that can be beneficial to your business.

The top 5 Five hurdles that you need to get over in order to be successful in telemarketing includes:

1.       Gatekeepers 

Gatekeepers are the first hurdle you need to get over when doing telemarketing, as they are the people that stop you from getting through to decision-makers. In order to get past a gatekeeper, you need to be polite and t, as then they are more likely to help you get to where you need to go

2.       Incorrect Data

When working in telemarketing you will come across data that is incorrect, one of the biggest reasons for this is, the person whose data you have may have left the company or changed job roles. In order to get over this, you need to find out the name of the new person who has taken over that job role.

3.       Technology

When using technology to help you with your telemarketing, you need to make sure that the technology software that you are using is always up to date. Without keeping it updated it will mean the software runs a lot slower and you won’t be able to handle thousands of phone calls per day, this, therefore, make your job a lot harder and more time-consuming.

4.       Rejection

When working in telemarketing, one of the main challenges that you get faced with on a regular basis is rejection. However, this is all part of working into telemarketing and is something that you have to deal with every day. Even though rejection is tough, you still have to keep going in order to get one or two meetings booked.

5.       Having the wrong pitch

When it comes to working in telemarketing, having the right pitch is Key because, with the wrong pitch, it could lead to fewer results. If you go into the phone call sounding too much like a salesperson then people are less likely to listen or will put the phone down on you. To prevent this from happening try beginning the phone call “Hi How are you? Or Good Morning / Good Afternoon. Not only is this a good opening sentence. it also sounds less like a sales call; it is also a polite way to start a conversation. Not only that it shows the gatekeepers respect and means that they are more likely to put you through to the right person.

No matter how long you have been working in telemarketing, you will find that you will always be faced with these challenges. By using companies like Prospect Research who have been around for 15 years and who have the wealth and knowledge to overcome these hurdles mean that you won’t have to face these challenges and can still build up a successful pipeline.

Posted: 8 November 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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