How to Integrate Email into a Telemarketing Campaign

By 26th March 2018Blog

Regardless of industry, any business which is serious about staying one step ahead of the competition must employ a multi-faceted marketing campaign. Telemarketing has long been the bedrock of reaching out to new clientele and keeping old ones happy, but the increasingly cyber-centric world in which we live means that it must be integrated with online initiatives in order to maximise outreach and effectiveness.

The importance of email should not be underestimated in this scenario. By coordinating your telemarketing and email marketing efforts, you can increase your customer base, enhance your brand and achieve optimal conversion rates, all in one fell swoop. Here are a handful of tips on how and why you should integrate email into an existing telemarketing campaign.

Obtain permission

The cornerstone of a successful email campaign is the opt-in. It’s no good sending out endless emails to all and sundry if they’re not interested in your products or services – an email is far easier to ignore than a phone call and unsolicited correspondence will not endear you to those who just want to be left alone. That’s why it’s important to first establish permission (normally via a comprehensive telemarketing campaign) before you launch an email campaign.

Follow-up every time

Now that you know a prospective customer is interested, make sure you follow-up all phone calls with targeted email messages. For example, if you have arranged a Skype meeting or other business appointment, send an email immediately afterwards with all of the relevant information (date, time, agenda, etc.) contained inside. This way you’ll eliminate any confusion over what is expected from both parties and make your outfit look incredibly professional and on-the-ball in the process.

Enhance your brand

As well as painting yourself in a polished light, the email is a great way to enhance your brand recognisability. Put time and effort into creating professional template emails, including company logos and links to your website, social media and other relevant domains of interest. Furthermore, regularly send your subscribers good quality content, from blogs and articles to offers and promotions, thus positioning yourself as an authority in your industry and a name to look out for when they’re scrolling through their inbox.

Make things easy for the customer

Ease and convenience are the bywords of successful business nowadays. Always include hyperlinks to your website and ecommerce platform in all emails, thus allowing prospective customers to easily enter your sales funnel and access the information they need at the touch of a button. Similarly, you can transform your emails into self-perpetuating lead generators by including the option for users to forward it on to like-minded colleagues or associates.

Analyse your efforts

Once you have successfully integrated email with your telemarketing campaign, don’t rest on your laurels. Use GoogleAnalytics or a similar analytical tool to assess how well your email campaigns are performing, which leads are converting into customers and how you can improve the efficacy of your incentives. Remember: there is always room for improvement, and constant self-evaluation will help you realise which areas are ripe for redevelopment.