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Intersting Facts about telemarketing

Interesting Facts About Telemarketing.

Posted on: 22 July 2019

The field of telemarketing has evolved a great deal over the years.

The purpose of telemarketing is to encourage potential client’s to buy a certain product or service once pitched over a phone or video call.

While telemarketing may annoy majority proportion of the customers, but it still today, remains as the most superior strategy of marketing in the market. Following are some of the major interesting facts about telemarketing:

It Takes An Average Of 80 Calls To Get An Opportunity

Telemarketing is all about patience and waiting. You have to hold on to your horses and keep on trying until you achieve your target or goal. You may have to face situations where you would have to call 200 customers in a certain period and only 10 to 15 of them may perhaps entertain your call while being rejected by the other 185-190 clients. Hence, in such situations, rather than losing your cool, you will have to stay calm and patient and wait for things to happen.

Having Bad Data Can Affect Your Marketing

Telemarketing is a systemized form of marketing that is done in a number of steps. The first step requires thorough market research that helps form a database of client’s who may be in need of the product or service you are selling. If the data is not accurate and you are constantly calling the incorrect audience, not only would it yield disappointing results but it will also affect your marketing campaign negatively.

The Human Interaction Of Telemarketing Helps To Increase Sales

Interacting with a larger audience of different mindsets gives an insight into the rest of the audience. You get an idea about the way you need to address people who may be angry, busy, sleepy, hungry, or experiencing other emotions. It teaches you different ways to interact with different type of people that ultimately leads to an increase in sales.

It Increases Your Sales Territory

In a field like telemarketing, the circle of contacts grows larger as far as you have access to the internet and other relevant phone directories. It lets you reach out to audiences who geographically are far away from you in a short span of time. Therefore, it widens your contact circle and permits you to contact a larger base of clients. This is quite beneficial for new start-ups or small scale businesses as it helps them to expand their sales all over.

It Provides An Interactive And Personal Service

Telemarketing is a very effective method of reaching out to your potential customers as it allows more interactive conversations that lead to developing stronger ties with your potential audience. Unlike marketing on television, where you have to watch long advertisements, telemarketing includes factual conversations and client related queries are answered right away. A call gives a personal touch which today is quite an effective method of contacting your clients.

With this approach, a client can sort out any kind of misunderstanding that they may have about your product or the company. Your client would no longer have to message you and then wait for a reply, instead, they will have their questions answered then and there. This would satisfy the customer as well as the telemarketer him or herself.

Posted: 22 July 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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